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Glock 48


Regular Member
Jun 2, 2006
Milwaukee, Wisconsin, ,
Put a Glock 48 two-tone into my personal collection. Comes with two 10 round single stack magazines but Shield Arms makes a 15 round mag that fits flush.

The pistol is a total blast to shoot and the Shield magazines functioned flawlessly. The narrow grip makes the pistol easy to control, even with someone with large meat hooks like me. I really, REALLY like this handgun. A company named TR-Holsters made me a level 3 duty holster for it. And Clip-draw makes a model for it. This is the perfect all around weapon for duty use, open carry or concealed carry.

Anyone else own this model? What are your impressions. I thought the narrower frame did a super job handling recoil even with some of the snappier ammo we put through it. Trigger was slightly more crisp than some of the other Glocks I own.