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FL man killed under ‘stand your ground’ provisions over handicapped parking space.


Accomplished Advocate
Aug 17, 2006
Cincinnati, Ohio, USA
Florida limits citizen arrest to felonies or very serious crimes, NOT parking infractions. Simply saying "Hey, you are parked in a handicap" I would go along with. BUT standing at the women's car window berating her, as was reported by a witness is against the law. This case is not how you are representing it, there was a witness that informed the deceased in the store that his wife was being harassed. Not that she was harassing him, on top of that she was in her vehicle which is covered by castle doctrine.

I wish the facts were different because it is embarassing for people who carry, but the facts are what they are. They are represented by video, a witness, and his own statements to the police.
I think both parties got what was (eventually) coming to each of them.

I don't shed a tear for either party, but rather for the opportunity for stereotyping it gives to those opposed to guns & gun rights.


Regular Member
Aug 22, 2013
here nc
Awwwww...to bad...so sad...justice of by his peers is served!

Judge Joseph Bulone called Drejka a "wannabe law enforcement officer" and self-nominated "handicapped parking space monitor".

A "wannabe" police officer who shot dead an unarmed man in a row over a disabled parking space in Florida has been sentenced to 20 years in prison.

Drejka had no supporters with him in court on Thursday, the Tampa Bay Times said.