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Exporting personal shotgun to Canada

Nov 21, 2016
Hi everyone!

New here and hope to have a little bit of help. I've read up as much as I can about this topic just need a bit of guidance. I am a US Citizen and am planning to move to Canada in the next 6 months. I understand I will need a PAL or declare the firearm when moving at the border with RCMP 5589 and then get a PAL within 60 days. This information I got from here seems simple enough: http://www.rcmp-grc.gc.ca/cfp-pcaf/fs-fd/moving-emmenager-eng.htm

Now I am not planning to permanently move to Canada. Maybe just for a few years and then I will intend on returning to the US. From what I gathered from here: https://help.cbp.gov/app/answers/de...-firearms-imported-and-shipped-with-household

"If the firearm is registered in the U.S., you do not need a permit to bring it back. If you registered it with CBP prior to leaving the U.S., you can present the certificate of registration or valid proof of ownership such as the bill of sale to CBP."

Now I understand that I need to apply for a US export license, and make an Electronic Export Information (EEI) submission via the Automated Export System (AES) and get an ITN to give the CBP. Now if I do that successfully, will this qualify as registering my firearm with the CBP which will make it much simpler for me to re-import the firearm back into the US (so I can avoid a broker).

Hope someone can help. I'd like to avoid selling my gun and rebuying it each time, and I'd like to avoid a broker (I'm pretty used to working with government legal paper-work....)


Regular Member
Aug 22, 2013
here nc
OP, the following was located to assist your decision making process:

1. http://www.ezbordercrossing.com/the.../bringing-firearms-into-the-u-s/#.WDObHvkrLIU

has multiple, what i think are invaluable cites for your reference

2. have you any documents showing recent competence training? (RCMP cite you provided, quote, ...including evidence that Canadian safety-training requirements have been met. unquote, but unable to find what qualifies for appropriate safety-training for that country.

of course, your research has shown handguns are considered restrictive items.

btw, couldn't locate any mandate which requires you to have ex/import license, specially since they are your property.