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Exeter, RI recall movement for anti-carry politicians


Regular Member
Jan 8, 2010
in front of my computer, WI

From the Providence Journal
and Legal Insurrection
comes news of the latest recall of anti-rights legislators.

Residents have gathered enough verified signatures to prompt a recall vote for four council members who supported a resolution asking the General Assembly to have the attorney general's office take over issuing permits to carry concealed weapons.
The signatures were collected by Exeter residents who disagreed with four council members' passing a resolution to, as the signature-collectors said, "opt out of Exeter's constitutional responsibilities to issue concealed carry permits."
A total of 496 signatures were needed (based on the number registered in the last election) and 605 had been collected for each of the four recall petitions. Hall said that council members had between 577 and 581 verified signatures.

When this succeeds, there will be 1 remaining person on the council.
He and the "three people who were on the ballot for Town Council but did not get in, all Republicans, will become the new council members". They then jointly appoint one more person.

From what's said in those articles, at the local level their permit is shall-issue.
If it goes to the AG, they treat them as may-issue.