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Encountered a "No Weapons" sign today


Regular Member
Jul 23, 2008
, North Carolina, USA
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So, my wife dragged me out for all the "Black Friday" sales today :cuss:. While out, I stopped at my insurance company office to make a payment. Now, I have been to this office many times over the last few years and have never seen a "No Weapons" sign posted. But, today, there it was! Man, was i pi$$ed!. Anyway, I went in, made my payment and left. Really was not in the mood to discuss the matter with the employees as I figured it would all come down to a corporate issue anyway.

So, my question is, does anyone have a formed letterthey have used or sent to businesses regarding their "No Weapons" policy.

I have been with this insurance company for about 10 years and have excellent rates and customer service. I really don't want to take my business elsewhere, but.....we will see.

If anyone has any letters or links to letters or ideas of what I should write, I would appreciate it. I WILL be contacting the corporate office.