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Employer "No Guns" Sign...


Regular Member
Dec 14, 2006
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA
Just wondering if anyone has knowledge if its illegal to have a Concealed Handgun License and carry at work, even though they have a no firearms sign posted in West Virginia?

I realize a person would probably be fired, but would there be any legal action taken?


Regular Member
Jan 21, 2013
Nitro, WV
Yeah, IANAL, but..

I think we're all waiting for the Joshua Beck decision to make a determination. According to Former Kanawha Sheriff Mike Rutherford the other night on "Decision Makers" the signs don't carry the weight of law, but I think that is what is being determined in the Beck case, as ultimately that is what he is being charged with now.

Goes without saying, as you acknowledged, you would be fired if they found out, but firing is not the same as legal reprecussions.
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