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Do I need a permission slip to open carry on my own property in Texas?


Regular Member
Apr 8, 2011
Polygammyville, Utah
I've exercised my natural right to open carry in states that recognize that right - Nevada, Utah, NM, ID, (and even California back in the day.) However, I recently moved to Texas and while I know I am "allowed" legally to have firearms on my property, can someone please advise me if I am able to open carry on my own property. The property is a third of an acre and not fenced. I live alone and want my neighbors to know I am friendly but able to defend myself. If I have to have a permit to oc on my own land, then I'm not gonna bother, I'll just put it away - but if I am, then I'll fully intend to exercise that right. Please advise with a link to the law. Thank you.


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Aug 22, 2013
here nc
nice to see your smile back...

from what i can discern on your own property you do not need a permit to conceal nor "recklessly" [open carry] carry a hand gun so per your request:
texas 46.15(L)(20)~ non-applicability https://texas.public.law/statutes/tex._penal_code_section_46.03

(l) Sections 46.02 (Unlawful Carrying Weapons), 46.03 (Places Weapons Prohibited)(a)(1), (a)(2), (a)(3), and (a)(4), and 46.035 (Unlawful Carrying of Handgun by License Holder)(a), (a-1), (a-2), (a-3), (b)(1), (b)(5), and (b)(6) do not apply to a person who carries a handgun if:

(2) the owner, controller, or operator of the premises or a person acting with the apparent authority of the owner, controller, or operator, authorized the carrying of the handgun;

but, if you do not own the property and rent/lease or have a HOA involved:
Texas Property Code
condo ~ 82.121 https://texas.public.law/statutes/tex._prop._code_section_82.121
leased ~ 92.026 https://texas.public.law/statutes/tex._prop._code_section_92.026
leased ~ 94.257 https://texas.public.law/statutes/tex._prop._code_section_94.257
HOA ~ 202.020 https://texas.public.law/statutes/tex._prop._code_section_202.020

one presumes, you will/have obtained texas residence w/DL if so the full texas 411.xxx statutory nonsense is now in affect if you leave your own property so i would suggest, https://handgunlaw.us/ as one excellent reference.

the 9.xx series listed here: https://texas.public.law/statutes/tex._penal_code_section_9.42 particularly 9.4x are also of interest.

sidebar: if you engage in "reckless" [OC] on your property, due to other's watching your business [aka busybodies], you might be visited by local LE's wishing to see your privilege card allowing you to CC & OC!

standard caveats apply ~ not legally to dispense legal advice, ad nauseam!