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Concord OC Meet. 8/2/14 12PM Parkway House Family Restaurant


Regular Member
Apr 13, 2013
Salisbury, NC
Parkway House Family Restaurant
3770 Concord Pkwy S
Concord, NC 28027

Sat 8/2/14

After Lunch(if interested):
Eagle Gun & Range
3789 Roberta Church Rd, Concord, NC

Hope we get a good size group!!!


New member
Sep 7, 2014
Charlotte, NC
Hi jamesm760 and g22shooter.

Pleasure having lunch with everyone in August. Hopefully you haven't had to come across any bad guys lately. I haven't come across any either, hopefully we haven't run out.

Wanted to know if you guys think you might be interested in some outdoor self-defense scenario shooting-type training (one handed shooting, magazine changes, shooting while moving, shooting from holster, etc). I have been training with a few instructors over the past few weeks, but no one seems to have enough yet for a class. I'm hoping if I can some guys together, one might bite. Standing still at the range and shooting targets that slide back and forth is gets old quick and wanted to try to put together some guys, guns, Glocks, Rugers, and anything else that goes boom for class in the next couple of weeks.

I'm estimating the cost per head to be between $50-100.
Saturday in September or October. Estimating about 4+ hours, all range time (i.e. 8:00am-12:00pm)
Up to 60 minute drive from Charlotte.
BYOG. Bring your own guns.
BYOA. Bring your own ammo. Maybe 150-300+ rounds to get through the scenarios. Bring extra if you think your going to miss a lot. Pardon me, give warning shots.

What do you think?


Apr 20, 2015
Somewhat interested. Your instructors have any sort of brand name or credentials?

Plan to take a carbine-pistol course with Frank Proctor in Sept. so my focus will be tended there, but always interested for new opportunity.