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"Civil War"?


Regular Member
Nov 5, 2015
It amazes me that there has been zero response to my suggestion that we should vote in the Demo primary on March 3 for Bernie Sanders. Polls out this morning say Bloomberg and Sanders are neck and neck in Va., and that they're leading the pack. And all Bloomberg's done is spend money on advertising. I regard him as a real threat, while Sanders is a buffoon who can fool some folks but can't get elected against Trump. So staying home on March 3 is a vote for fascist police-state gun-grabber Bloomberg.

Bloomberg was never a threat. Just a huge ego.
Hes run his course and is out now.

I dont see a civil war in the future as much as a revolution. Complete with gov loyalist types as there were during our first revolution.
When it occurs I expect the gov and its group of socialist loyalists to fair about as well as King George and his possee.


Regular Member
Jul 11, 2017
Planet Earth
I don't know Ghost. With all the "cannon fodder" the gov loyalists can throw out from the major metro areas, it's still possible that they could get those "drones" to be the front line troops.