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Carroll County sheriff encounter


Nov 28, 2017
Greetings all,
New member, an unrestricted W&C permit holder due to a death threats via shotgun to the face.
A few weeks ago was returning home on a dark isolated road in between Westminster and Hampstead. It was dark, approx 10:30pm, honestly, was more focused on looking for eyes than I was speedo. I passed a sheriff on the side of the road, looked at speedo and KNEW he would light me up. He did, 14mph over posted speed. The deputy was "younger" late 20s, early 30s, I pulled over, shut down, turned on dome, both hands on Wheel as he approached. He told me what I already knew, I explained I was more looking for eyes than watching speed. He asked for DL, registration, ins. I advised I was a W&C permit holder, he asked if I had firearm, I advised I did on right hip. He asked where I needed to get docs from, I replied L hip pocket. He asked I keep R hand on Wheel and get wallet with left. I did as asked, he asked where reg, and ins. Was, I replied in wallet. Got the info for him, asked if he wanted permit, he said if it was readily available, (it is the first thing you see when I open wallet) he asked my driving record, I replied "clean" He went to his cruiser, ran my info. I was ready for my ticket, I was wrong. He returned, gave me a warning. He advised many LEO'S would remove me from vehicle just for their protection, but he was a "gun guy" and felt comfortable with me remaining in vehicle. He said I handled the stop the best way possible, and never felt threatened.
Hats off to the CC sheriff dep. Very professional operation.


Activist Member
Jul 2, 2010
Alexandria, VA at www.NoVA-MDSelfDefense.com
Greetings all,
[snip] I advised I was a W&C permit holder, he asked if I had firearm, I advised I did on right hip. He asked where I needed to get docs from, I replied L hip pocket. [snip]Tom

Just curious. In MD there is no duty to inform. How different do you think the stop might have been if you had never mentioned your W&C permit?

I travel in MD several times a week, sometimes concealed, sometimes openly carrying my firearm in accordance with my W&C restriction. I have never been stopped, so the issue has never arisin. If I *am* stopped, it is my intent not to volunteer the fact that I have a W&C nor that I am currently carrying. If the LEO asks, I will not lie, but I am under no obligation to volunteer that information.
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Regular Member
Apr 7, 2013
A review of Maryland law has commentary about the permit in both the State Code and the Criminal Code.

However, though many state laws have wording such as 'no carry...', unless/ or exemptions from ... '...with permit'.

I do not find anywhere that MD law says specifically that a person with a Maryland Permit may carry, or be exempt from Md. PUBLIC SAFETY Code Ann. § 5-308 (2017)

It does not seem to address the 'inform, or not" when stopped by LE, though handgunlaw.us Maryland.pdf, says "Must Inform" = 'NO'.

It does not even seem to specify what one must inform the LEO if stopped in a vehicle, but it says you may have to present your Maryland Permit.

It does not seem to say you must do more than that, i.e., talk about, or inform anyone about the presence or absence or number or location of projectile devices, guns, what-have-you.

If you have a permit in Maryland, and you are or are not transporting a firearm, must you even answer any questions about said device? I do not find any law that requires this. If you are stopped in a car for a 'vehicle issue', or a 'road violation', such as speeding, it would seem to -me- that you are only required to do the following.

1. Present MD or other driver's license, proof of Insurance, and proof of ownership of the vehicle, and perhaps a photo ID if somehow the license doesn't have it. The MD carry permit has all that, photo, description, bar code, etc.

2. Sign the ticket (I'm guessing here).

One might say 'officer am I required by law to answer question X,Y,Z?, other than present my documents and remain silent?'

I've always wondered if you are NOT carrying if you have to present anything or 'Eggs-plain' yourself with lots of jibber-jabber 'See I left my sidearm at home in the safe today, so's I dinna brang mah permit, mr officer, sir'.

Is that going to get your vehicle searched to see if you're being truthful? If the nice officer says 'are you transporting any illegal vegetables, aliens, loose women?', can you say 'no SIR, all of my vegetables, aliens and women I'm transporting are Legal, Sir'.

IOW, the whole thing of 'declare if asked, if carrying', and talking about your equipment is just absurd. A person who is NOT carrying, who has a permit, who stays silent, and presents all documents might STILL run afoul of the LER by just saying nothing. Cops don't like that. They want to ARREST someone, for something, every time, because that's their J.O.B.

The 'nice ones' or those being 'professional' don't do all that. But why aren't ALL MD (or otherwise) LEOs professional?

Anyway, we go to or through MD with our Va CHP in the wallet, and no firearms or shell casings in the car (hopefully) from being at the Range legally in Va last month, and keep our finger's crossed ever since that famous case of the guy from Florida being stopped and searched and maltreated.

IMO, MD is shooting themselves in the wallet by being like this, because if they were not, we'd be going to Ocean City and the State Parks and spending money all the time. Bu "we" don't.