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Any interest in an open carry event in St. Louis?


Accomplished Advocate
Aug 17, 2006
Cincinnati, Ohio, USA
I spotted this article today on Fascistbook: https://www.stltoday.com/news/local...cle_180a661c-360c-52a7-a064-c09689717ace.html

'Moms' rally at Arch pushes for gun reform in wake of shootings

"Parents and their children, joined by members of advocacy groups and politicians, gathered Saturday at the Gateway Arch to demand legislative action in response to gun violence.

Groups in favor of stricter gun legislation are making a major push during the U.S. Senate’s August recess. Saturday’s rally in St. Louis was one of more than 100 scheduled to take place over the weekend, spanning all 50 states, according to the Everytown for Gun Safety Action Fund. ..." etc. etc.

Five years ago, myself and another member of OCDO organized and invited gun owners to an open carry event (which started in downtown St. Louis and proceeded to the Arch) in the wake of Amendment 5, which modified Article 1, Section 23 of the Missouri Constitution.

As per usual, the Lying Mommies are at it again, so I'm posting this here and on my Facebook page to gauge interest in another event. I'm thinking October, but am open, depending.

Here is a link to the 2014 event: https://www.facebook.com/events/690379891057306/


Regular Member
Jan 17, 2007
I'm so sick of seeing 'Gun Violence'. There's no such thing. There's only violence. The tool used is irrelevant. If you were to manage to remove one tool, another would take its place and the violence would continue. What would they do if nutcases start using ANFO in vans instead of guns to kill? pretty much any of the 'shootings' they cry about, as bad as they were, would have been far worse if the killers had used ANFO bombs instead of guns.


Regular Member
Aug 22, 2013
here nc
Try to buy enough ammonium nitrate to make a decent bang.

When I was a kid in the early Sixties I got to help move a mountain with a tanker of diesel and a truck load of NH4NO3

Yepper, already knew that you made molehill into a mountain cuz its on dougie’s wiki page...