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Ammo shortage...


Lone Star Veteran
Sep 28, 2008
Aggieland, Texas, USA
imported post

As I'm sure we all have been experiencing, ammo (of all calibers) is getting more and more difficult to find! And when you do find it, its getting more and more expensive! Even reloading supplies are getting more and more scarce! Even CheaperThanDirt is "Out of Stock" on much of their ammo (all of the .45)...
So, without a FFL, who else can I order ammo from?


Regular Member
Nov 4, 2008
, Nevada, USA
imported post

It is starting to get better here. I actually saw Winchester LP, LR,and CCI LPprimers on a shelf today.:D The crazy part is that they have lowered their prices back down to a more reasonable range.:celebrate