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Almost as bad as Youtube


Regular Member
Jul 10, 2008
Iowa, USA
I will admit its been a while since I have been a regular here, but recently I have tried to frequent the site at least a couple times a week.

The one big change I have noticed? Ads. Full screen ads for irrelevant things. Every single time I click a link. Pop ups, screen scrolls, you name it.

Now, I understand the need for funds for something like this, and also understand that donations are hard to come by. But at least make the ads less interfering. Youtube lost me when every single video, even videos less than 1 minute, force us to watch a 2 minute advertisement.

And now, OCDO is showing me ads every time I click a link. The most recent was of some woke, liberal man pretending to be a woman buying clothes for his husband from Target.

Not much else to say.

Have a good day.