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A suggested cleanup of legislation for the 2013-2014 session


Wisconsin Carry, Inc.
Aug 23, 2006
Madison, Wisconsin, USA
It would be a simple matter to define public building in a more narrow sense to eliminate the most nonsensical prohibitions such as at park shelters and rest rooms.


Regular Member
May 24, 2009
Chandler, AZ
So... this is what I sent to my elected officials. I know I didn't cover it all but I covered the stuff I know something about. I know very little about long guns and hunting so I'd rather defer to others for that:

Now that we have had concealed carry for a year, I would like to suggest the following cleanups to a couple things that have come up over the last year:

Add: 175.60(4)(b)3 The department may not require any specific curriculum for any instructors other than the ones it certifies to meet the training requirements under par. (a)1.

This would stop the DOJ from screwing around with groups like the NRA by putting in rules that aren't really called for.

Replace: 941.23(2)(e): An individual who carries a concealed and dangerous weapon, as defined in s. 175.60 (1) (j), in his or her own dwelling or place of business or on land that he or she owns, leases, or legally occupies, or in or on a vehicle which is under the individual's control or which the operator has given permission for such possession.

This would allow people without a CCL to have a firearm in their vehicles. Currently, 167.31, which is the vehicle firearm statutes says I can have a gun but a court precedent, State v Walls, which was decided in 1994, before Article 1, section 25, says that if it isn't visible from outside the vehicle, it is concealed. So.... if I had a bag of pot sitting next to my handgun on the passenger seat, I would be charged with possession because it was in plain view but also would be charged with concealed carry because it wasn't. How's that for logic?

Repeal 175.60(1)(f)2 and 165.25(12m)

We will now recognize ALL other state CCL's. Numerous other states do this with no issues:

Change 175.60(1)(g): (g) "Out-of-state licensee" means an individual who has been issued an out-of-state license.

This would allow 18 year olds to conceal if they have a CCL. They can die for our country but they can't conceal?

Replace 948.605(2)(b)1m: A person who possesses the firearm in accordance with 18 USC 922 (q) (2) (B) (i), (ii) (iv), (v), (vi), or (vii).

Repeal 948.605(2)(b)1r

This would bring the state gun free school zone into compliance with the Federal one.

Repeal 943.13(1m)(c)4 and 941.13(1m)(c)5

Paul L Fisher