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A mix bag

Firearms Iinstuctor

Regular Member
Jul 12, 2011
northern wis
I have been moving from one house to another during the move I found various 38spl and 357mag cartridges in boxes bags, cans and pockets.

Ranging from 125gr lead SWC 38 spl at 700fps to full house 165gr lead SWC 357 mags and every thing in between.

I decided to do al little test and see if a mix bag of ammo from light to heavy would have on self-defense accuracy.

I collected all these different loads in a box over the move.

I decided to use my Ruger 4in. security Six for the test I carried it on the job for years and won several matches with it.

It has proven to be very reliably and accurate.

So I put up and target with a inch size aiming point and paced off 5 and 10 yards and proceeded to shoot up the various ammo up reaching into the box and loading what ever I picked up.

In any given cylinder full I ended up with several different loads I fired approximately 40 rounds double action fairly fast.

The result was they all were centered around the aiming point in a group approximately 3 inches in dia. with about half shot at 5 and half shot at 10 yards.

I shot approximately 40 rounds.

Conclusion is at those ranges as far as accurately is concerned it does not matter what bullet weight or velocity the round was it gave acceptable self-defense accuracy.