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591/594: it is a crime to deface or steal election signs that are legally placed


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Aug 10, 2012
I initially posted this on waguns, but I wanted to put it over here for anyone who didn't see it.

If you have 591 signs or no on 594 signs up and they go missing or someone has knocked them down, if you can, put a camera on them.

In my neighborhood, I've had some thieves make off with a few 591 signs, and one no on 594 sign, I replaced them.

I have a good guess as to who took them, but didn't have any proof. So take my advice, if you see someone tampering with an election sign, take out your cellphone and video it, or note down their license plate number and description.

This liberal former Bellevue councilwoman got caught taking down 591 signs and now POGR is pressing criminal charges against her.



Jan 14, 2012
earth's crust
Political signs? For demorats I usually put my home made sign saying "don't vote for these assshats!" pointing to their signs.

With signs on land owned by businesses ... I always stop and complain. Many take them down. I got 5 signs taken down last week.
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