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  • Hey there fellow oc'r so I went to fisherman marine supply one day and I was told I cannot open carry but I can conceal carry. Now this establishment does classes for ccw however they have a problem with open carry. I did so at the Oregon city location and got a lot of crap for it. One guy behind the counter asked me to brandish my weapon and unload it in front of him. I haven't been back by the location since but I did take a picture of the tigard sign on the door and it is different but same effect. I also sent their customer service email a message about my experience and I was told it was not something they do over email. Was wondering if you could help me get an answer from them or have them atleast recognize open carry. Because if I were to conceal I would be OK in their eyes.
    Hey, (we-the-people) just to let you know that you are not alone. I and my friend open carry every day in Medford Oregon and if you want to get to know me. I am on facebook.com. Look me up, Warren Drouin.
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