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Recent content by SouthernBoy

  1. SouthernBoy

    Kamala Does Not Qualify to be Vice President

    Outstanding. I have long argued that just because someone is born in the United States does not mean they are automatically citizens. The phrase, " and subject to the jurisdiction thereof" is the reason for this. At the time that the 14th Amendment was being considered there was much discussion...
  2. SouthernBoy

    Lawyer suggestion (seein' as how I'm no longer available)

    First off... How the heck are you? Man it's good to see you posting, though it could well be me as I have not been on the site for months. I shall hold on to this information and consider it well recommended.
  3. SouthernBoy

    VA-ALERT: VCDL is organizing NOW to fight back - we need YOU to do your part!

    May I remind you that we are not a democracy, and thank God for that.
  4. SouthernBoy

    Checking in

    Wow, a name from the past. Good to see you posting again. I come here rarely nowadays. But this stuff coming out of Richmond really has me concerned.
  5. SouthernBoy

    Open carry in a vehicle

    Thanks. I had seen that before but was curious if (A), it was still state law and (B) if there just might be some provision which allows the vehicle to be considered and extension of one's domicile, which imply that openly carried sidearms in a vehicle would be legal. I guess that is still not...
  6. SouthernBoy

    Open carry in a vehicle

    A question for South Carolinians. I live in Virginia and travel to South Carolina at least once a year. Is it legal for me to openly carry my sidearm on my belt while in my vehicle or must I cover it with a shirt?
  7. SouthernBoy

    Raising killers

    I sent this out to select people on my email contacts list a few days ago and thought it would be appropriate here, given all that has been happening in the world and even here in our own nation. It is graphic and for the mods, if not appropriate please feel free to remove it. I will not at all...
  8. SouthernBoy

    Question about auto crime in Virginia Beach/Lynhaven area

    I am going to be heading down to a B-day party in Virginia Beach this weekend and will be staying at a motel close to Norfolk International Airport for one night only. Is this an automobile crime problem area? I am very anal about my car and am concerned about attempted breakin's, someone keying...
  9. SouthernBoy

    RVA Dialogue on Gun Control

    Just watched the hour long debate, parts 1 and 2, on "gun control" with Philip Van Cleave and Jim Reynolds representing our side of the debate. They handled and conducted themselves most effectively and in my opinion, made us proud. I took one of Jim's courses, what could be best described as an...
  10. SouthernBoy

    Lobby Day car pooling in PWC

    Any car pooling in Prince William County for Lobby Day?
  11. SouthernBoy

    Question: Traffic stops and running the numbers

    In our state, during a routine traffic stop, can an officer take your gun and run its serial number when he does not have RAS or PC to do this?
  12. SouthernBoy

    Thought this was interesting

    Saw this graphic on another website. Thought it was interesting and worth posting here. http://monderno.com/criminal-states-america/
  13. SouthernBoy

    What Fairfax is getting for LEO's is disturbing

    Was listening to a talk radio show early this morning. Cuccinelli was one of the subjects. He spoke about how some of Virginia's gun laws turn law-abiding citizens into criminals and used the example of our member in Henrico County who moved a gun from his glove box and was seen by a school bus...
  14. SouthernBoy

    The cowardice of policing

    This lady always has worthwhile videos to watch. This one is no exception and bears scrutiny in today's climate of overzealous and militarized police departments. "Message to police" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IOsN-P5abVg "When resistance becomes duty"...
  15. SouthernBoy

    Never know what you're going to encounter at the range

    So I decided to hit the range this morning; the NRA Headquarters range. When I arrived, there was no one waiting for a lane and very few on any lanes so in I went, to lane four. Before long some more people showed up. The man on lane three was shooting a long slide Glock 34, something I don’t...