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Recent content by Shadetreezj

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    2a and jury duty

    I had jury duty the other day in Denver, and I got to thinking. Dangerous, I know. Weapons are not allowed in the courthouse beyond the permanently mounted metal detectors yada, yada.......... If there is no weapons check (Think coat check, gun locker, safe place to leave it) one would have to...
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    Some clarification on vehicle carry please.

    I have a holster permanently mounted to the side of my center console in my Jeep. I stow my handgun there when tooling around, as my bolstered seats add a degree of discomfort while wearing it on my hip, and with 5 point harnesses, I wouldn't be able to draw if needed. My question is this...
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    Aurora FFL folk

    Are there any FFL's here that would like to do a transfer for me? Local Aurora preferred. I figured that I would support a board member first before hitting the yellow pages. PM me if interested. Mike
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    internet cafe foiled robbery in Florida

    This could have been your local coffee shop................ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RYA78ss-B-o
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    Help me understand this

    I've been reading a lot about local laws and past cases. I stumbled upon this Now, If I understand this correctly, Denver has single handedly taken away my (imaginary) friends (from Utah, say) 2A rights. He cannot open carry, he cannot CC as a legal CCW permit holder of Utah, exercising the...
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    Local guns for sale/ trade

    Since the posting of guns for sale is not allowed on this site due to conflicts with Google ads, can someone recommend to me a website, that is local to the Denver area, hosting such ads. I know of the usual auction sites and such. Looking for a Craigslist for guns/ If there is such a site...
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    Riddle me this

    Riddle me this. I am an employee of Aurora. Under the municipal code, I am allowed to carry openly or concealed upon public property etc, etc, as defined by; "Sec. 94-154. - Firearms prohibited in or upon public facilities.permanent link to this piece of content (a) The carrying of...
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    City of Aurora, Colorado would have arrested anyone who stopped the Batman massacre

    Sorry, couldn't get the full title of the article in the subject line. Read this pile of work.......... http://www.naturalnews.com/036549_Aurora_concealed_carry_gun_confiscation.html