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Recent content by redsilver2

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    Visiting CO for a wedding

    Okay so I admit I have avoided CO like the plague after all the new anti-gun laws that were passed....I'm from NM and OC everyday and don't have a "pay to play Concealed Carry permit" lol. I can no longer avoid CO as I have a family wedding in Parker to attend this weekend. I've read many...
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    Calibers is Anti Gun

    After getting kicked out (Asked to leave) of Calibers for OCing I decided that it must be some kind of mistake.... Well after talking to a manger they informed me that Open Carry is NOT allowed in their stores and after lots of Facebook posts to them we thought that they were going to change...
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    Heading to WY for vacation early Oct.

    Hello all, the wife and I are headed to Wyoming for vacation in early October. We picked Wyoming because your state is gun friendly. Too bad we have to pass through Colorado to get there...lol I OC just about every day here in NM and like Wyoming the gun laws are very friendly for Open Carry. I...