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Recent content by REDFIVE48

  1. REDFIVE48

    Cornelius Park Posted

    Little more than half way down :( Anyone know if this was addressed previously?
  2. REDFIVE48

    Gotta love these YouTube Ranger types

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?t=1&v=B7WaJ0nWfXs I engaged in poking holes all over his stupid arguments and it eventually lead him to delete the entire discussion thread from the video. SMH
  3. REDFIVE48

    Is Arkansas really a Gold Star state?

    Seems that until the courts sort themselves out, AR should not really be noted a Gold Star state on the Open Carry map? What do you guys think?
  4. REDFIVE48

    OCer cited for OCing in Walmart

    Seems there is either confusion with the LEO or the AG. Anyone know the deal with AR now? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=chRibdPkmIo
  5. REDFIVE48

    Manual safety on a Glock?

    Question popped into my mind as I have carried a Glock for a long time and started to wonder. If Glock made no changes to their internal safety's but also added a manual external safety, would you use the manual safety? If no, leads me to the next question of current guns with external...
  6. REDFIVE48

    Practical Tactical Podcast adds to the division among gun owners - Starbucks

    Casey, the site owner, had stated it's time to Eat our Own because the Open Carriers ruined Starbucks (to be fair, seemed mainly targeting the long gun carriers). http://practicaltacticalpodcast.com/starbucks/ Lots of CC or don't carry at all, state laws be damned, attitudes from the...
  7. REDFIVE48

    Neighbor trouble

    Put one of these up :)
  8. REDFIVE48

    Dan Nicholas Park, Rowan County Parks and Recreation

    I am camping there this weekend and when I looked over my camping packet, I noticed it said firearms are prohibited. With passage of HB650, is that prohibition null and void in the campground? Is there any way for it to be enforceable since we have to pay for our camp site (can this be...
  9. REDFIVE48

    How to tell if you are actually trespassing

    So you may have read the title and be thinking I must be an idiot to not know, but keep reading. I was attending my kids basketball game this Saturday, just like have for the past 5 weeks at the Baptist Church gym where the league plays. I am not a member of the church, it's just that my kids...
  10. REDFIVE48

    Open Carry legal in restaurants that serve alcohol?

    So came across a thread in Hot Topis about writing letters to places that ask you to leave, started from this link: http://whatbubbaknows.info/?p=3127 Interesting thread in the discusions on that link about how the subsection banning carry in restaurants serving alcohol is only in regards to...
  11. REDFIVE48

    Pointe Blank Range, Mooresville - thumbs down

    Point Blank Range, Mooresville - thumbs down Walked in after seeing the sign on the door, immediately informed I could check my gun or store it in my car. Would have just left if wasn't there because of my buddy, so in disgust I concealed my gun (actually was priceless to see the guys face as...
  12. REDFIVE48

    CNN Quick vote - Should Congress ban ammunition magazines that hold more than 10 rnds

    Vote now on CNN Home Page: Should Congress ban ammunition magazines that hold more than 10 rounds? I know I OC with 13 and 15 round magazines. http://www.cnn.com/
  13. REDFIVE48

    Guy with the gun robbed of his gun, because he had one. Was the robber afraid? Nope

    Anyone seen this one: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zx_YUO4SzcY&feature=related Stay vigilant out there, this must be the worst feeling in the world, and there is one less Open Carrier out there.