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Recent content by MedicineMan

  1. MedicineMan

    How to carry in NV when they don't honor my CWP

    I was wondering if anyone could answer as to why NV does not honor my CWP from MS. Will I have to unload and lock it up travelling through/in this State??? Does this mean I have to OC in NV to be legal even with my permit ??? Just getting ducks in a row for upcoming "visit".
  2. MedicineMan

    New Mexico is listed as NOT honoring my CWP ???

    I was wondering if anyone could answer as to why NM does not honor my CWP from MS. I see no real reason given anywhere. Does this mean I have to OC in NM to be legal even with my permit ??? I wonder how this can be remedied.
  3. MedicineMan

    Open Carry MYTHS .... NEED FACTS

    Okay, I need FACTS on a couple of the "assertions" I keep reading and hearing. 1. I would like the factual numbers and related information (links to stories) on the "many cases" there have been where "open carry" resulted in the firearm being "snatched away" and used against the owner or...
  4. MedicineMan

    Proposed MS LAW change concerning carrying deadly weapons

    For our resident Attorneys, I offer the following text. The idea is to have this REPLACE the current text in § 97-37-1.
  5. MedicineMan

    I Stopped several robberies and a RAPE tonight while OC-ing......

    I read all the time where people say I should "only CC my firearm" because someone will either "just shoot me first" or "grab my weapon from me" and shoot others. When I ask for links or PROOF that this is happening on any scale that I should worry, they always say "IT COULD HAPPEN". It...
  6. MedicineMan

    MS Legislative Roundup 1/4/2011

    There has already been filed a bill by Rep Formby that allows open/concealed carry without a permit. http://index.ls.state.ms.us/isysnative/UzpcRG9jdW1lbnRzXDIwMTFccGRmXGhiXDAwMDEtMDA5OVxoYjAwNjZpbi5wZGY=/hb0066in.pdf#xml= HB 0066 AN ACT TO...
  7. MedicineMan

    Honeymoon is OVER......

    37464.1 You know the honeymoon is over when the comedians start. The liberals are asking us to give Obama time. We agree . . . and think 25 to life would be appropriate. -- Jay Leno America needs Obama-care like Nancy Pelosi needs a Halloween mask. -- Jay Leno Q...
  8. MedicineMan

    The basis of Open Carry - The LAW

    imported post I have read a bunch of the posts here, and it seems a MAJOR detail has escaped us....[/b] [/b] The Mississippi Constitution states.......[/b] [/b] [/b] That means the "concealed" weapons are the ONLY ones which are to be regulated. All the other laws are "repugnant" to the...