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Recent content by Marco

  1. Marco

    Cville OC (Charlottesville)

    Even with all the non sense we are seeing I'm still OC'ing. No issues in and around the C'ville/Harrisonburg/Greene/Madison/Culpeper area.
  2. Marco

    Farewell to a Dear Friend... Kevin Kilcoyne (zoom6zoom)

    Gosh, Thanks for the update Bob. I didn't know Kevin that well. We met at the first OC gathering I hosted and we would meet for lunch on occasion (Mexican restaurant in Elkton he liked) when his work brought him my way. Rest in peace my friend.
  3. Marco

    Lobby Day 2020: The Don "Peter Nap" Litton Memorial Latrine

    Lol, yeah don't sell him down the river. I had a good conversation with this fine member and he pointed out to me that Paul, Dale and Don all had been provided memorials. I was also informed that VCDL paid for and provide the Porta-Potties for the event (65, iirc), at a cost of apprx $55...
  4. Marco

    Virginia’s Democratic Government Announced It Will Begin Confiscating Guns From Law-Abiding Gun Owners. Red State

    I’m here to say ‘hell no, you’re not going to confiscate my guns”!
  5. Marco

    Hampton Roads - OC reports

    Spent the weekend in VB, no issues.
  6. Marco

    NoVA (Northern Virginia) - OC reports

    Had to be in NoVA yesterday no issues. Surprised at how many new places/things went up since my last visit.
  7. Marco

    Greater Richmond OC reports

    I was recently in Richmond (Cabela's) with no issues, after we(me and my 7yo daughter) went to grand opening of the medical center next door. To my surprise still no issue, we got there after the main events but plenty of staff etc... the VSP officer there didn't make any issue of the fact I was...
  8. Marco

    Cville OC (Charlottesville)

    Thanks, I read it in gun magazine article which he authored. Still OC'ing 99.9% of the time, with no issues. Which surprises me since Charlottesville has a newish police chief and she's from Philly.
  9. Marco

    Open Carry experience thread.

    Recently spent a week in AZ, Goodyear to Scottsdale, no issues what so ever. Was surprised with the warm temps I didn't see anyone OC'ing. Two officer in a marked SUV in Goodyear did give me the thumbs up.
  10. Marco

    Cville OC (Charlottesville)

    Nothing new to report, still no issues in and around the area.
  11. Marco

    Greene County playing fast and lose with CHP 45 day issue rule

    Greene County playing fast and loose with CHP 45 day issue rule: Today my wife went to the Greene County clerks office to see about getting her cert copy of her chp app. as it has been over 45days since she submitted her CHP renewal, (she let her CHP expire unwittingly). 18.2-308.05 If the...
  12. Marco

    Lunch 7/14/2018 Culpeper area

    Anyone up to meet for lunch on July 14,2018 around 1pm at Shawn's Smokehouse BBQ SSBBQ Culpeper 602 Sperryville Pike Culpeper, VA 2270 I'll be there, hope to see some old friends and meet new ones..
  13. Marco

    Armed Samaritan sued for saving Officer

    A tweaker resists arrest, gets physical with a cop, overpowers the officer and right before it gets really violent a law-abiding citizen steps in and saves the cop’s behind...
  14. Marco

    No guns? No anthem.

    University of Nevada, Reno graduate said no to her chance to sing the national anthem at Greater Nevada Field, the downtown Reno stadium where the Aces minor league baseball team plays, because she can't bring her gun...
  15. Marco

    An Honest Look At Open Carry: Is It Time To Stop?

    Open carry is it time to stop? Guns America article Open carry has come under scrutiny in recent weeks after the murder of five Dallas police officers and in anticipation of a tumultuous Republican National Convention. President of the Cleveland Police Patrolman’s Association, has...