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Recent content by MackTheKnife

  1. MackTheKnife

    Best defense show 2/09/11

    The first segment of the show concerned OC. After a few "what not to do scenarios" involving LEOs, the last one demonstrated the "proper response". The LEO asked the OC'er to produce ID (Michael Pincus of Spyderco) which he promptly did. During all of the scenarios, Mike constantly reaffirmed...
  2. MackTheKnife

    Open carry in suffolk

    I commute between Florida and Virginia. While I was home in VA in June I opened carried in Walmart off College Drive and Firehouse Subs. No problem or stares in Walmart but I got a lot of looks and wide-eyed stares in Firehouse Subs. The gal behind the register called a supervisor/manager...