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Recent content by MAC702

  1. MAC702

    Can the mayor and cops force event attendees to remain and not leave an event?

    I'm an Orioles Fan; have been since my days at the Naval Academy and seeing them live and getting to love baseball at the same time. I'm too busy to see every game during the season, but I follow them. We aren't doing as well this year as I'd hoped, but I was very pleased to see an...
  2. MAC702

    Open Carry smorgasbord

    I know nothing about the context of this photo, as it was shamelessly stolen from the Funny Pictures thread of the M14 forum.
  3. MAC702

    Armed Robber shot in Newark market robbery; no charges.

    Okay, I'm agreeing with some of the comments that the "reporter" took some liberties in his title to the article, but looks like a store owner shot an armed robber. The article says that the store owner was in legal possession of the firearm. Is it legal for any store owner to possess a...
  4. MAC702

    Nevada open carry reminders for the new guys

    I brought Chris' questions here so there won't be any hesitation in clogging the experiences thread with the conversation. A. No, it is not unlawful to carry in a casino. A casino is just more likely to be a location where security or management might ask you to leave because of it. But even...
  5. MAC702

    Wal-Mart being posted against carrying firearms in Nacogdoches, TX

    http://m14forum.com/gun-rights/168836-walmart-puts-up-anti-chl-signs.html I don't know if the poster is going to follow through with corporate or not. Anyone else in TX seen anything similar?
  6. MAC702

    What constitutes "concealed" in VA?

    Is there a "1/3 visible" rule as to what constitutes a concealed versus an openly carried handgun in VA? I read a post on another forum that doesn't make people cite their assertions, but I've been reading VA-heavy OCDO so long that I thought I'd have seen it discussed here if it were true. I...
  7. MAC702

    Roy Rogers proves concealment is better than OC

    I've been wrong all this time. Roy Rogers proved long ago that OC holsters are just asking for a gun-grab and concealment is the ultimate tactical advantage. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mNWr9eF2Huk
  8. MAC702

    NV/UT/FL CCW class this Saturday in Boulder City

    I already have a mixed crowd that a friend has put together for me. But there is room for more. I'll open up some slots for any of the members here who desire to get the state permission slip for concealing to open up your options for carrying. The catch: We are starting in the afternoon on...
  9. MAC702

    Big Sandy Machinegun Shoot in Wikiup

    Anyone know if there will be issues with open carry there? They have shooter tickets and spectator tickets, and we will have the latter. Sometimes gun places can be the most unexpected anti-carry places, and I'd hate to conceal unless I have to.
  10. MAC702

    South Caroline Pub posts incredibly rude sign against firearms carriers

    South Carolina Pub posts incredibly rude sign against firearms carriers Any of you guys know this Backstreets Pub & Deli joint in Clemson? Did you know he thinks you are **********...
  11. MAC702

    Nevada page needs serious work

    I don't know how to get to it from the forum, so haven't seen it before. I found it through a Google search, looking for something else. Who is responsible for the state page? Nevada's is full of errors and misinformation. http://www.opencarry.org/?page_id=272
  12. MAC702

    Is a Post Office also a "federal facility?"

    I'm being called out on using Post Office regulations (CFR) as the rule for not carrying in the Post Office. And while this is what we have always used, all my Google-fu is failing me in being able to show that the "federal facility" rules also don't apply, which are, of course, much higher...
  13. MAC702

    Does this count as an "open carry" sighting?

    US figure skaters today, ice dancing to James Bond theme music. Our guy is wearing a shoulder holster!
  14. MAC702

    Hunting near Bend, OR

    I don't know where else to ask this, so forgive this slightly off topic request. I do open carry, especially on my hunting trips, and that will include my errands in Bend, Oregon. I will be hunting in Oregon for the first time. Nonresident tags are expensive at $375 for deer and $500 for elk...
  15. MAC702

    Threaten to kill shopkeeper and burn down his business, get a vacation.

    I haven't seen this posted yet, so if I missed it, let me know. A guy in Arizona twice threatens to KILL the shopkeeper and burn down his business and his punishment is a two week vacation. I'll bet you can't guess what his job is...