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Recent content by Firearms Iinstuctor

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    "Brandishing" as justification for LEO's use of deadly force

    Do you know he was just holding the rifle. If so please cit he source of your information
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    "Brandishing" as justification for LEO's use of deadly force

    Not enough information the article does not explain what he actual did with the rifle. He could have just been carrying it he could have pointed it at them. How he acted and what and if he said anything during the arrest attempt is all important.
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    Trigger Time, Longmont, Colorado, Gun Shop and Range

    Depending on ones point of view on what makes a good hunting bullet. One can not count on bullets staying in deer or hogs.
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    Trigger Time, Longmont, Colorado, Gun Shop and Range

    One of my properties has plenty of hills the other needed some work.
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    Trigger Time, Longmont, Colorado, Gun Shop and Range

    Don't need to have license for a private range where I live in Wis. And if built before July of 2013 one has all kinds of protections. Mine were all established well before that date. https://docs.legis.wisconsin.gov/document/statutes/895.527
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    Trigger Time, Longmont, Colorado, Gun Shop and Range

    To avoid such fees one just has to buy an appropriate property hire equipment build a back stop, pay the property taxes every year and any other expensies related to owning that property. Than you get to shoot for free any time you want.
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    FBI investigating run of the mill local crime

    I agree no reason to involve the FBI
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    You don't have to shoot first; but you better do something ~ FSNews

    It appears they missed place the decimal point most likely it should be 2.5 seconds for the draw and .25 between shots.
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    you just cannot make up this stuff

    Was it or, was it not a cow dog.
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    Kentucky Gun Laws

    Because the winning in KY and other states less things have to be talked about.
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    Out of State Help

    Mn is easy to get a permit take a class file application with local sheriff done. A MN. permit is a carry permit open or concealed your choice. Do you have current HR218 credentials If so use them. Are you retired or Still a working LEO. Mn recognizes very few permits if any now so getting...
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    let's hear it for an upstate NY school district ~ facial recognition cams in the hallways

    Unless they have armed rapid response members on campus. It is not going to do much against someone willing to shoot the place up. Just another waste of tax dollars that well not accomplish much.