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Recent content by DSan

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    PPCC Concealed Carry Inquiry

    So I just moved to Colorado from Nevada. I was raised in Colorado so basically I just returned home. I will be enrolling in PPCC within the next few months and wanted to know what the status of CCW is at this college. I've googled and come up with the following...
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    NLV - OC in a car?

    I'm new to the open carry scene and I am sure this has been asked before... but the search function doesn't seem to work well for me... anyhow my question relates to open carrying in a vehicle while in North Las Vegas. First... this: Now I couldn't resist and called NLVPD and inquired. They...
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    Next OC Meetup?

    I've been lurking around here for a while now (long before I started OC or even owned a firearm). I know that members here do occasional meetups and whatnot. I'm here in Las Vegas. I am new to the whole OC scene as I just purchased my first firearm a few weeks back. Been to the shooting range...