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So I carried sterile in Vermont


Regular Member
May 3, 2008
Greencastle, Pennsylvania, United States
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Well I finally made it to the holy grail of states for all CCers and OCers… Vermont :)

Actually we just got back from Maine for the week, we just passed thru Vermont. I mostly concealed up in Maine as I was around a lot of family and friends. We we’re in Winthrop just outside of Augusta for the week. We had a cabin on the lake, and we went swimming, fishing, boating on the lake, had bon fires, drank beer… it was a good time. I was pleasantly surprised to find out my uncle had his Maine CCL after telling him I went to Kentucky to the NRA convention. We chatted for a bit about CCL’s and explained to him about Maine non-resident permits which I had because he seemed confused that I was able to carry in Maine.

Besides having to disarm in NY the trip was uneventful. We made it across to Vermont where we stopped for some lunch in Bennington. I open carried my Glock and concealed my Kel-Tec P3AT sterile. It felt liberating not having to have a LTCF on hand in order to carry. No looks, not one stare. We stopped again in Battleboro for a tinkle break and a stretch, and then we headed up 91 to St. Johnburys then across to New Hampshire where I “re-permitted” myself and carried into McDonalds for some dinner. I had a few head turns from New Yorkers and people from Mass… but no police showed up, nothing. We headed over to Maine from there without stopping.

While in Maine I CCed everywhere we went (because of family), the store, gas stations, dinner etc… The only exception was when my wife, kids and I went to Rockport for the day and had some lobster lunch, I OCed with no stares at the restaurant.

When we came back I OCed the whole way to the Vermont/New York border. We stopped at a few gas stations along the way with no stares.

Over all a fun, and uneventful OC/CC vacation.