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Connecticut Police may check your OC Permit

Law abider

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Aug 17, 2011
Ellsworth Wisconsin
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Mar 22, 2014
Seattle WA
You think they believe the Constitution there? Goodness even most people here on the forum don't accept the Constitution as final. However do you expect LEOs and the government?


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Aug 4, 2007
Cumming, Georgia, USA
Well, of course they can ask. They can ask if you're drunk, if you just robbed that bank, or if you want to go home with them to watch Netflix and chill. The question is, do they have the statutory authority to demand?

Sec. 29-35. Carrying of pistol or revolver without permit prohibited. Exceptions.
(a) No person shall carry any pistol or revolver upon his or her person, except when such person is within the dwelling house or place of business of such person, without a permit to carry the same issued as provided in section 29-28. The provisions of this subsection shall not apply to the carrying of any pistol or revolver by any parole officer or peace officer of this state, or parole officer or peace officer of any other state while engaged in the pursuit of official duties, or federal marshal or federal law enforcement agent, or to any member of the armed forces of the United States, as defined in section 27-103, or of this state, as defined in section 27-2, when on duty or going to or from duty, or to any member of any military organization when on parade or when going to or from any place of assembly, or to the transportation of pistols or revolvers as merchandise, or to any person transporting any pistol or revolver while contained in the package in which it was originally wrapped at the time of sale and while transporting the same from the place of sale to the purchaser's residence or place of business, or to any person removing such person's household goods or effects from one place to another, or to any person while transporting any such pistol or revolver from such person's place of residence or business to a place or individual where or by whom such pistol or revolver is to be repaired or while returning to such person's place of residence or business after the same has been repaired, or to any person transporting a pistol or revolver in or through the state for the purpose of taking part in competitions, taking part in formal pistol or revolver training, repairing such pistol or revolver or attending any meeting or exhibition of an organized collectors' group if such person is a bona fide resident of the United States and is permitted to possess and carry a pistol or revolver in the state or subdivision of the United States in which such person resides, or to any person transporting a pistol or revolver to and from a testing range at the request of the issuing authority, or to any person transporting an antique pistol or revolver, as defined in section 29-33. For the purposes of this subsection, "formal pistol or revolver training" means pistol or revolver training at a locally approved or permitted firing range or training facility, and "transporting a pistol or revolver" means transporting a pistol or revolver that is unloaded and, if such pistol or revolver is being transported in a motor vehicle, is not readily accessible or directly accessible from the passenger compartment of the vehicle or, if such pistol or revolver is being transported in a motor vehicle that does not have a compartment separate from the passenger compartment, such pistol or revolver shall be contained in a locked container other than the glove compartment or console. Nothing in this section shall be construed to prohibit the carrying of a pistol or revolver during formal pistol or revolver training or repair.

(b) The holder of a permit issued pursuant to section 29-28, as amended by this act, shall carry such permit upon one's person while carrying such pistol or revolver. Such holder shall present his or her permit upon the request of a law enforcement officer who has reasonable suspicion of a crime for purposes of verification of the validity of the permit or identification of the holder, provided such holder is carrying a pistol or revolver that is observed by such law enforcement officer.

I see a requirement to carry one's license, I do NOT see any requirement to present it UNLESS an officer has a reasonable suspicion of a crime. I'd tell the officer to go pound sand were I in the same position.


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Dec 24, 2011
Rocky Hill CT
police asked a guy in Subway to show his OC permit. OC is legal there with a permit. I thought 2A was the 'permit' to bear arms, no I mean the right to life is a permit to bear arms. He refused.


Use this site if the above fails to work.


There is no such thing as an OC Permit in Connecticut - it is just a "Pistol Permit"

also Check this out: https://www.cga.ct.gov/2016/FC/2016HB-05408-R000240-FC.htm introduced by the CT General Assembly for 2016


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Feb 8, 2016
Ft. Jackson, South Carolina
Connecticut police may check your OC permit

Greetings all

So is it my understanding that you have to pay to even have a handgun. I went to the CT PISTOL PERMIT/ELIGIBILITY CERTIFICATE APPLICATION page at

So if the Army decides to station me in the great state of CT, I have to pay out even more money, get finger printed and wait weeks on end to ensure I can practice my second amendment rights. That is a load of doggy dodo...

I am not sure if it is just my age that is starting to make me question authority more or the fact that I may be becoming more left wing, or is that right wing....I always get my wings mixed up.

I really hope the Army allows me to stay here in the south. There is a lot less crap required to carry and most of the souther states recognize the other states.