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Back in Maryland for a visit


Activist Member
Jul 2, 2010
Alexandria, VA at www.NoVA-MDSelfDefense.com
Once I got past the angst over having to dis-arm myself to travel back across the river into TPRofMaryland, I spent an enjoyable afternoon at AGC's Marriottsville range, attending the Hunting and Fishing Day event. About thirty vendors and clubs there educating a lot of citizens and their kids about firearm and archery safety, including supervised hands-on events. I am looking forward to going back quite a few times to practice with my handguns and long-guns as well as shooting a few rounds of Trap.

While there I joined the Mt. Washington Rod & Gun Club and intend to be an active member.


Jan 14, 2012
earth's crust
They teach "firearm safety" or "how to become proficient in your firearm"?

MY 2 minute safety class .. do these things and you never harm anyone u do not want to:

1) Want to learn about your gun & its safety features, read its manual.

2) Want never to accidentally kill someone? Then never point the barrel at a living being.

3) Safety class accomplished.

Are there people soooo stupid that they need a "safety class"?

How many here never took a safety class?
And you are alive?
Not in jail for killing someone?
Praise Allah !