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Recent content by Wstar425

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    Patience is not always a virtue.

    Looked a bit like a circular firing squad there at the end Lucky shots? So after he reached for his empty sheath he was shot. Good to know. The list of what was all wrong with that appears to be bigger than the Interweb can handle, but in the end bad guy down. Poor dog.
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    Subway bans open carry in their stores

    Our daughter lives in ABQ on Princess Jean? SE of the 25/40 intersection kind of across I-40 from the Garden Hilton. It’s a fairly nice area, but we want to be in the mountains, hopefully with a couple of acres. Found some 8-13 acre places that would work, but we won’t buy quite yet unless we...
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    Subway bans open carry in their stores

    I have ALWAYS thought Texas was ranked way too high in those “best gun state” rankings. Wisconsin has had no license open carry since 1848, tho application probably became more feasible in 2011, for handguns. My wife was a teacher for 24 years before becoming an administrator for 15 years...
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    Open carry still alive in Missouri?

    That’s a record!
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    Problems in carrying in my church

    I open carry nearly everywhere EXCEPT church. It’s the one exception I make to a place where I could legally OC. I don’t have a problem with it. I would not have a problem if someone did OC there either. I do open carry my Sword, but my firearm is concealed.
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    how to fix walmart

    I open carried in Walmart yesterday and bought groceries. No issues, but I’m not sure anyone noticed other than the self checkout assist lady, who has seen me OC for three years. Last Sunday on my weekly shopping I went to the competition in town, then took my receipt to Walmart while OC and...
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    Problems in carrying in my church

    Ok, I’ll dabble my toes in the water. A topic I can resemble. I’m very close to this position, tho not on any formal security team. As weather permits, I wear a sport coat or vest. Some of my vests may allow a short bit of barrel to poke out the bottom. No one has said anything. In the summer...
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    Showing ID to police

    Yes, they’ve pretty much ruined a great city. Sounds like you’ve had your eyes opened and came down on the side of liberty. Wish my daughter could see the truth. Sadly, going in the other direction.
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    Showing ID to police

    Alex, if I remember correctly you were at UWSP? Still in St. Point? Have you by any chance participated in the UWSP ROTC RUCK March fundraiser the last 4 years, I might have talked to you? I was on a short leash with a German Shepherd, and also OC. Stevens Point is probably the second most...
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    Wow! That guy has really gotten into your head! See you all in another two years.
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    Non carry done wrong.....

    In the local Abbotsford paper. Not me, though my wife thought I was telling her about me when I was reading it to her. Last line not shown just says they are not filing any charges. Not sure what the guy did wrong other than not having an appointment, and being an idiot. I could probably come up...
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    Wisconsin Concealed Carry License renewal timeline.....

    Included with the CCL is a brochure entitled Concealed Weapons License Information with one section covering Law Enforcement contact. Point 6, tell officer you have a license and weapon. Point 7 tell officer where your “permit” and weapon are located. (Wait!!! I thought it was a license?????)...
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    Wisconsin Concealed Carry License renewal timeline.....

    Got electronic notice of $22.00 renewal payment made for expiration date 02/05/18 at 11:39 am 01/27/18. License came today 01/31/18, letter dated 01/27/18. So, four days from application to permission slip in my hand. Website said they had 21 days to review, which would have meant mine might...
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    I believe I am responsible for a no gun sign being installed......

    Wife’s father is at a low rent assisted living facility in Medford, Wi. Every Sunday after church, I drop her off there, go grocery shopping, go back to pick her up. Open carry in summer, but conceal at church. Conceal if I need a jacket. So, basically I have been walking in there all summer...
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    OCed into RedEye in Wausau, millennial microbrewery.

    Go to Wausau about every third Monday to take my Mom out to lunch. She's 83 and drives but just to her bank, the PO and a grocery store. So we ran some errands, replaced her wiper blades, and bought her a plant for Mom's Day. My brother took her out of town for the weekend. She has some...