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Recent content by stacks04

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    Picking up gun that was confiscated by local leo

    Hello folks, i have something i need to get clarified, hopefully you can help. Long story short, my wife had an issue last year where the cops were called do do some stressful circumstances, They confiscated her gun and permit. We had to wait a year in the judge has released the PD to give us...
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    North Carolina state of emergency removes gun rights for residents of entire state

    I know this doesn't apply to us but remember NC is much more red then we are here. Don't think this couldn't happen here. http://forum.opencarry.org/forums/showthread.php?80187-GRNC-Alert-09-01-10-Gov.-Perdue-s-Order-Suspends-Rights-of-NC-Gun-Owners&p=1345356
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    open carry laws

    imported post this is my first topic started here and first off very nice place. i am very new here but have done some reading and learned alot. i emailed my state rep Bill Hamzy about this topic of open carry for some understanding and hopefully to put a bug in his ear about how his...