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Recent content by sprat

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    Christie's stance

    imported post Up from florida and was wacthing public tv last night, the new gov was on.A caller asked his stance on 2A, he said he supports the rights of citizens to bear arms for protection and sporting purposes BUT said the existing gun laws were going to stay in affect and he proposes no...
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    Florida residents get Washington State

    imported post Florida residents ( Florida address on permit & valid state id) now have recipocity with Washington state this does not apply to non resident issued permit holders http://licgweb.doacs.state.fl.us/news/concealed_carry.html shame we lost Nevada sprat
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    Happy St Patrick's day

    imported post To all Happy St Patrick's Day sla`n agus bannacht ( good bye and good luck) Sprat
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    Watch Glenn Beck tonight

    imported post watch Glenn Beck about CCW and open carry on CNN Sprat
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    Required reading

    imported post Wynder Very good, excellent job again!! a handout like the Pa brochure would be great I downloaded the PDF tonight to read at dinner, To the lads that made the first meet sorry I could not make it, bummer I was in Delaware wednesday, Think I found a house in Bowers Beach...