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Recent content by sean3686

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    WTS : pt 1911

    imported post PRICE DROP AGAIN! I have 1 taurus 1911 for sale. with heine straight 8 sights and wood bull head grips I will also include ranger t 230gr ammo and either a galco sto n go iwb holster OR a serpa sportster holster level 2 that has been painted. I have the 2 8rd factory mags...
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    live radio oc vs cc ohio news

    imported post http://www.streamaudio.com/stations/player/pages/newplayer/auth/GenerateASX2.asp?ts=1246210547078&t1=cc244e467521aa385031bd99f51f5198&t2=4d6678ba5cb14d4fccd3d59b0eb2d20c&s=1592&y=2009&m=6&d=28&hh=17&mm=35&ss=46&useCall=&ntk=y&referer=www_streamaudio_com
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    SW WA area CC permits

    imported post moving back to SW WA are just got out of the USAF and looking for a sheriffs office that will issue same day or sooner than a month, seems retarded to me that a shall issue state takes a month. is there a PD that will even do this or am I stuck waiting. Not that it helps but I...
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    imported post If you are AD, perferably AF please PM me or email me, I need guidance and help! thank you!
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    Just got off the phone....

    imported post I am stationed in Delaware but a Washington state resident. I am planning on coming home next month so I started off by telling him that and asked him a question about RCW 9.41.060 And I guess the exceptions only work if you are off base hunting the enemy... so it sparked a...
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    SW washington

    imported post I am currently stationed in delaware and am going to be back home in SW washington. delaware is a open carry state and the rules are carry anywhere except the city of dover, courts, police stations and postoffices. I was wondering if there was any rules or regs i should be aware...