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Recent content by Liko81

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    Would the concealed carry bill render Moore moot?

    Simple question, I think. From what I know of the law, a lawsuit against the State under 42 USC 1983 can be rendered moot if the State changes the law or whatever situation is being challenged, so that the Plaintiff's original complaint no longer applies. Basically, the Plaintiffs only have...
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    Just a few more...

    imported post 24851 Total Signatures 149 more and we'll have a nice round 25,000 supporters of open carry legislation. Of course, let's not stop there; 50,000 or 100,000 would be amazing and would really get the legislature's attention.
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    Peggy Noonan aricle in Saturday WSJ

    imported post http://www.kendallharmon.net/t19/index.php/t19/article/peggy_noonan_a_hope_for_america/ And for those who don't like blind links or Rev Canon Dr. Kendall Harmon:
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    A comment to John Lott

    imported post The following is a comment I posted to John Lott's blog entry on open carry. He's still not keen on the idea as some know, so I thought I'd use a little logic that everyone can get behind. It's a long comment and John doesn't have to approve it (or even read it), so I'm putting it...
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    OT but funny: Gov forgets ID, can't enter bar

    imported post This got a laugh out of me when I read it: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/25935910/
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    Stages of change

    imported post I did not by any means do much research on this; this is just some thinking on paper. Feel free to comment as desired. After thinking about the * Recognition - A group of people, of any size,realizes the need for a change in some area of the status quo. * Education/"Preaching"...
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    Another word to the wise...

    imported post Just thought I'd throw this out. Be careful what you say or show to the ether that is the Internet; it has come back to bite some people in court. http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/25738225/ This is especially important for people on these types of forums, who may someday be forced...
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    imported post This forum has a lot of good information in it regarding laws, and what it doesn't have can generally be found with a quick trip to Google. However, there is one VERY important and inconvenient truth that I do not think is mentioned often enough. Regardless of any laws...
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    Taurus 24/7 Pro in .45ACP

    imported post First of all, I keep erroring out when I search the forums for Taurus 24/7, so don't accuse me of not having searched :P. I'm in the market for an inexpensive (<$600, preferably <$450), concealable .45ACP for general carry (Remember Texans can't OC yet). I've been kind of...
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    Select your carry mode

    imported post The other question on this thread, whether you carry with safety on or off, is misleading. I carry safety off because I carry a decocked TDA, so the only difference between that and a cocked unsafetied pistol is I'm pulling a 10-lb trigger. And of course, safeties are the...
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    imported post The Supreme Court has just affirmed the Circuit Court decision in DC v Heller! More information as it develops.
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    A letter to Texans for Gun Safety

    imported post This is a letter I sent to the president of the organization regarding a quote by one of their spokemen being spread through the media (Emphasis is mine for this post and was not included in the e-mail): :DThink that last statement will raise some hackles? I'm very politely...
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    I know this is the OPEN carry forum, but...

    imported post ... would it be possible/easy to create a map of concealed-carry issue policies by state? All I can find is the progression of the adoption of issue policies; however, states like Hawaii have CC laws but are effectively no-issue states. I thinkit might behelpful to those here, as...
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    Question Re: possible Heller ruling

    imported post This is a "what if" question for those who like to play lawyer during their free time. Feel free to speculate but please back it up. Let's say that SCOTUS rules for Heller as is widely anticipated, and in the process overturns one or more of the laws in question. As with Lawrence...