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Recent content by JTHunter2

  1. JTHunter2

    Hindsight is simply wonderful - Examining the U.S. Capital Attack - Staff Report all 128 pages.

    Because they are "elitists" and think they "own" the government. That mistaken belief makes them think it "their building".
  2. JTHunter2

    A federal judge, who compares an AR-15 to a Swiss Army knife, overturns California's ban on assault weapons

    And what if Newsom gets his BP so high over this that he has a stroke and solves so many CA residents problems by being removed from office as "medically unfit"? 😈 :ROFLMAO:(y)
  3. JTHunter2

    24 states urge Supreme Court to take case challenging NJ large-capacity magazine ban

    BUT, what states actually have such restrictions in place at this time? CA and NY probably lead the list but don't most of the New England states have magazine restrictions too? Didn't Colorado's governor ban large magazines several years ago, resulting in Mag-pul moving out of state?
  4. JTHunter2

    Oregon Governor Just Signed A GUN CONFISCATION Law

    Why spam? More likely a necro-thread.
  5. JTHunter2

    Update on St. Louis couple

    He claims to be a republican, yet he has contributed to BLM and other leftist organizations. His opponents are former MO governor Eric Grietens (hounded from office by St. Louis prosecutor Kim Gardiner) and somebody else but I can't remember who. They all claim to be "republicans". :rolleyes:
  6. JTHunter2

    SCOTUS Rules Police Cannot Search Homes Without Warrants in the Name of 'Community Caretaking'

    Only those that are employed by a municipality. There are also private companies in some areas that provide ambulance and paramedic services - at least in this area of IL-ANNOY.
  7. JTHunter2

    Court to take up major gun-rights case, New York Rifle & Pistol Association v. Corlett

    If we should be so lucky to have the SC rule for the NYRPA, it may be a close decision. I say this that it is likely that Chief Justice Roberts, being a spineless worm, will side with the liberals on the court. It will then come down to whether Kavanaugh or Barrett will side with the...
  8. JTHunter2

    Chauvin Guilty on all three counts

    It also appears that NBC and (maybe) CBS edited both the video and 911 call removing, the video os the knife on the ground next to the girl that died. Preferential treatment, as usual.
  9. JTHunter2

    CCW Permit with a 22 year old felony conviction

    Not exactly a "necro-thread" but getting there. :ROFLMAO:
  10. JTHunter2

    Condolences to Colorado

    For what?? :unsure:
  11. JTHunter2

    Barrett Reloaded? A New Third Circuit Decision Could Prove The Perfect Base For A Second Amendment Blowout

    Unfortunately, there are far too many that are not in custody that STILL shouldn't have access to firearms. Same for many with mental problems.
  12. JTHunter2

    Bump Stocks are not Machine Guns. Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals

    CoL - this is from the 6th but wasn't there another opinion from, IIRC, the 9th, that upheld the ban? Wouldn't that be likely to set up a review by the SC because of the directly opposed rulings?
  13. JTHunter2

    Last Rites

    One fraud perpetrated on another fraud. :ROFLMAO: