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Recent content by James StuuStu Halford

  1. James StuuStu Halford

    1 in the chamber while Open Carrying

    I just wanted to confirm that it is legal to carry with one in the chamber, correct? I know you can while concealed carrying. Do you need a CCW to have one in the chamber if open carrying?
  2. James StuuStu Halford

    Can a police officer disarm you just for OC

    I was recently stopped while open carrying in Hales Corners. As I was walking down the sidewalk I seen a cop waiting for me so I just proceeded on my way because I wasn't doing anything wrong. When I came up to the officer he Grabbed my arm and made me put my hands up while he started to disarm...
  3. James StuuStu Halford

    Open carry while using a skateboard

    Hello, I'm new to open carry and was wondering if I'm allowed to use a skateboard or longboard while having my handgun holstered and visible? Thank you.