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Recent content by Doug_Nightmare

  1. Doug_Nightmare

    Looking for these in my community

    No. Stacks of quarters are commonly required in coin-op machines. As it would seem obvious to any observant senior male. Old coin operated laundry machines in backwater bicycling venues might stack a half dozen 25¢ pieces.
  2. Doug_Nightmare

    Arkansas law allows deadly force against pattern of domestic abuse since 1997

  3. Doug_Nightmare

    Mailchimp Boots VCDL Gun-Rights Group

    Solus Ipse will burst. Good fences make good neighbors and the back fence is the very best network, or the pew or the bar stool ... God Bless US All.
  4. Doug_Nightmare

    NRA leaves New York to reincorporate in Texas after Chapter 11 ‘restructuring’

    https://www.nraforward.org/. https://www.nraforward.org/waynesletter. “To facilitate the strategic plan and restructuring, the NRA and one of its subsidiaries have filed voluntary chapter 11 petitions in the United States Bankruptcy Court for the Northern District of Texas, Dallas Division. As...
  5. Doug_Nightmare

    Mailchimp Boots VCDL Gun-Rights Group

    Mailchimp blocked Virginia's top gun-rights group from sending newsletters through its service for unspecified reasons. The Virginia Citizens Defense League (VCDL) announced Wednesday night that its account with the leading mass-distribution service had been suspended. The tech giant failed to...
  6. Doug_Nightmare

    ARF.com gone

  7. Doug_Nightmare

    So begins the "NEW" normal

    False flag. ‘
  8. Doug_Nightmare

    Stand Your Ground (35 States) vs. Duty to Retreat (15 States). Ohio flips. E. Volokh at The Volokh Conspiracy

    https://reason.com/volokh/2020/12/21/duty-to-retreat-35-states-vs-stand-your-ground-15-states/ The Ohio Legislature has just passed a bill that would move Ohio from "duty to retreat" to "stand your ground"; it's now in front of Gov. DeWine for signature. But what does that mean?
  9. Doug_Nightmare

    Introduction & Thanks

    No jokes from me. I live on an island in Lake Michigan surrounded by lighthouses and Lighthouse Service descendent families. Alan Thiele MCPOCG (5) was friend and neighbor. I may be on the next ferry that has to be rescued by the local icebreaker cutter.
  10. Doug_Nightmare

    Introduction & Thanks

    @ Boats. Thank your for your service. USN SS ‘69 - ‘75 SSN-660
  11. Doug_Nightmare

    Race–gender bias in white Americans’ preferences for gun availability

    https://www.cambridge.org/core/journals/journal-of-public-policy/article/abs/racegender-bias-in-white-americans-preferences-for-gun-availability/910B9B7DB07E538D588B956619C9F2DE https://phys.org/news/2020-11-americans-attitudes-guns-owners-gender.html Sci-Hub hops all paywalls
  12. Doug_Nightmare

    Gun Restrictions as Analogy for Justifying Speech Restrictions. E. Volokh

  13. Doug_Nightmare

    Inauguration day

    Our Pledge of support. The foundation of the populist ‘Trumplican’ Party. Mourn the death of the Grubby Old Party republican NeverTrumpers. Alternatively, self immolation.
  14. Doug_Nightmare

    Michigan Supreme Court Will Decide if The Second Amendment Applies at Public Universities. E. Volokh Conspiracy