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Recent content by CJ4wd

  1. CJ4wd

    This is why distance is your friend

    Good grief ! Talk about going in circles. Either the cop missed with the Taser or the perp was so hyped up on something, it kept him going. Listen to that cops voice when the female officer shows up. He sounds like the crybaby character Bill Pullman played in "Aliens".
  2. CJ4wd

    Open carry still alive in Missouri?

    Then you need to re-read that post. Three of those studies indicated that there was "no significant difference" in infection rates while two of them showed the masks were not effective against viruses. And those were the N95 and surgical masks ! So imagine how much LESS EFFECTIVE these cloth...
  3. CJ4wd

    Why some people hate cops

    While I have sufficient reason personally to distrust and dislike police in general, I don't. I have had interactions with a few that are the "shining example" of officers that we all wish there were more. As OC stipulates, in too many of these cases, it is a "trickle down" problem. Yes...
  4. CJ4wd

    My ears hurted watching this

  5. CJ4wd


    Freedom - the problem is that the police forces in the U.S. "protect and serve" the LAW, not the PEOPLE.
  6. CJ4wd

    Open Carry only for "Whitey's"

    How is she "semi-corrupt"? And that second link (https://www.foxnews.com/media/kelly-loeffler-defund-police-we-cannot-allow-mob-rule) was an interesting article.
  7. CJ4wd


    Isn't the situation similar to New Jersey?
  8. CJ4wd

    Open Carry only for "Whitey's"

    Would this senator be what is referred to as a "neo-con"? Or just a "rino"?
  9. CJ4wd

    "Citizens" and government

    So what? That doesn't make the words any less accurate, does it? Or even appropriate for "current events" considering the criminal cabal that so many are facing these days?
  10. CJ4wd

    Trump Forced to Withdraw His ATF Nomination

    Please clarify - "Who" is fired?
  11. CJ4wd

    ISP Files "emergency rules" for FOID & CCL

    With all the delays and other problems the state is having, some dealers are no longer accepting FOID and CCPs that have expired despite the information from the ISP.
  12. CJ4wd

    Never Been Delayed 30 Days...Until Now!

    If you think it is bad where you are, look at the fiasco IL-ANNOY is in now ! Some concealed carriers are 4+ months past their expirations, can't take the required renewal class due to "Jabba's" lockdowns, and FOID card holders are in even worse shape. Many are 6+ months past expiration, and...
  13. CJ4wd

    "Emergency regulations"??

    That would depend if they are deemed "essential". Considering many police departments (and other first responders) were understaffed before this insanity started, they can't be counted on for help in an emergency. The potential need for "self-protection" requires that those goods and services...
  14. CJ4wd

    Do governors have the right to decide which human activities are essential? Death of America's personal freedoms in slow motion

    Solus - governors may have power over their "subjects" but they still are not supposed to defy the Constitution. That crazy "female dog", Gretchen Whitmer, has gone WAY too far in threatening people with fines and/or sequestration for choosing to utilize their First Amendment rights to gather...
  15. CJ4wd

    Champaign Emergency Order Doesn't Ban Guns, But Does Authorize (Likely Unconstitutional) Emergency Gun Bans

    Here are more links. https://townhall.com/tipsheet/katiepavlich/2020/03/13/illinois-mayor-may-ban-firearms-ammunition-as-part-of-emergency-over-wuhan-virus-n2564916?amp=true...