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Stopped and Questioned by Unarmed Police in Rehoboth Beach


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Mar 24, 2007
Kent county, Delaware, USA
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Using the crime index from the bottom of the chart, it seems that Rehoboth has 3 times the crime index of NYC and substantually more than Washington DC. Safe? wheres myMAC 10??? oh, yea. the won't let me have one

Great link for info. Thanks


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May 22, 2006
Shasta County, California, USA
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steveforopen wrote:
LEO: You can leave, however I'd recommend never coming to the boardwalk again with your firearm. It is irresponsible and downright stupid.
Steaming patriot: You're saying I'm irresponsible and downright stupid? I'm not theone who has to radio for an armed response when I need it, now am I?