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S&W M&P vs. SD


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Oct 21, 2014
M&P full size vs SD

M&P owner, no experience with SD, but here's what I see.

mp 4.25
sd 4.0

mp 3 interchangeable back straps/S-M-L
sd not so

Standard Magazine:
mp 9 =17 mp .40 = 15
sd 9 = 16 sd .40 = 14

Mag release:
mp can be configured on either side
sd right handed only

Slide lock lever:
mp both sides
sd left side only

Slide breakdown release lever:
mp left side/large metal lever rotates down
sd 2 tiny plastic buttons slightly recessed like glocks, require pushing both, reviews indicate it can be a PITA to depress both tiny buttons simultaneously

mp 6.5 lbs, trigger reset .300 in. to fire again
sd 8.0 lbs, no trigger reset spec, assuming full release required for reset to fire again. Reviews indicate trigger pull is long and stiffer as specs would indicate

MP cost more $670 with plastic hard case, 3 mags, blade tech 2 mag belt holder, Blade tech holster, Uplula magazine speed loader.
SD cardboard box, 2 mags?

I agree the mp trigger feels gritty and spongy when new. Its recommended to clean the firearm when new, before firing. I did so and after putting 400 rounds thru it, and cleaning/lubricating a few times, the trigger feels much smoother and I have no problems with it.

The interchangeable grips on the mp are a plus if you desire adding a laser sight. The Crimson Trace laser grip pops right into the grip in 2 minutes and requires no special holster unlike adding a rail type laser sight. Cabella's sells an Mp with Crimson Trace laser grip included $780. Seems a decent deal since the CT laser grip costs $280.

Either firearm can have the trigger modified if a lighter/smoother pull is desired.
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Aug 5, 2012
Pierce County, Washington
Held off on posting in this thread because of it's age but...

A major selling point to me regarding the M&P .40 is that you can swap out the .40 barrel and replace with a .357 barrel, keep the existing .40 mags and suddenly, you have a M&P .357. Or you can swap out the .40 barrel and replace with a 9mm barrel, purchase 9mm mags and again, suddenly you have a M&P 9mm. You cannot do this with any of the other M&P handguns. S&W with not sell you just the barrel but you can get after market barrels.

As for the "gritty" trigger pull, it's been stated before and I will confirm, this is only an issue when the firearm is new. After firing a few hundred rounds downrange and cleaning it a few times, the "gritty" feel goes away.

As for after market parts, I have the CT grip mounted laser sight and after some practice, it can be removed and reinstalled while the firearm is still in my Blackhawk Serpa holster in less then 30 seconds, one handed and without even looking at the firearm. The CT grip mounted laser sight is about mid range between the medium and large stock backstraps and seems to fit my hand just fine.

I did a great deal of research before purchasing my M&P .40 and it was ultimately the one I decided to go with. It has a nice heft to it, feeds most types of ammo with no issues, breaks down very easily and safely (with the seer release lever), is easy and simple to maintain and clean, and all around just feels like a quality firearm for daily carry. These are all important things to take into account when it is your every day carry and has to be reliable every single time.

My roommate has an SD 9mm and I can't stand the thing. It feels cheap, is a pain to break down for maintenance, and just does not have anywhere close to the same features as the M&Ps.