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LOCAL Newsletter for November 2014 Available


Legendary Warrior
May 21, 2006
LOCAL's growing and maturing is showing - congratulations! Keep up the good work.


Jan 14, 2012
earth's crust
Felon Open Carries into State Police Troop

Source: http://www.kltv.com/story/26736784/armed-tx-man-arrested-in-lobby-of-louisiana-state-police-building
Armed TX man arrested in lobby of Louisiana State Police building

LAFAYETTE, LA (WAFB) - By Amber Stegall

A 29-year-old man from Cedar Hill, TX walked into Louisiana State Police Troop I in Lafayette, LA on Monday, open-carrying a Glock pistol in a leather holster, and told troopers he wanted to turn himself in, according to officials with Louisiana State Police.

It happened just before 1 a.m. Troopers say Allen Norris walked through the front doors of Troop I and approached the front desk. Norris told troopers he wanted to turn himself in because he had warrants out from other states.

When troopers saw he was carrying a weapon, they quickly took him into custody.
It was later learned Norris is a convicted felon with active warrants out of several states. During the investigation, troopers learned the Glock pistol had been reported stolen from the New Orleans Police Department.

Norris had an active warrant out of Alabama for attempted arson, and active warrant out of Missouri for a probation violation, and another warrant out of Virginia.
Troopers placed Norris under arrest for the active warrants, and also charged him with illegal possession of stolen things and possession of firearm or carrying concealed weapon by a person convicted of certain felonies.

Norris was booked into the Lafayette Parish Correctional Center and is being held on a $25,000 bond.

A story on the web site I never seen before ....


Regular Member
Jul 20, 2008
Saint Gabriel, Louisiana, USA
LOCAL's growing and maturing is showing - congratulations! Keep up the good work.

Thanks for the compliments and support. We are still a small, grassroots group and not able to do as many things as we would like but we have worked hard to get the word out to the public.
Our first meeting was on December 2, 2009 and we made lots of plans. Many of those plans came true and many have not. We are still handing out pamphlets at gun shows and attracting people via the forums and social media sites. We have made lots of friends, a few enemies and accomplished quite a bit in the past six years. I look forward to seeing where we go in the next six years.
I wanted to reach out to more people who may not be reading the discussion forum and one method was to put out a monthly newsletter. I want to thank Speedy for the work he has done editing and formating the newsletter each month and sending out emails to every paid member as well as several supporters we have on our mailing list.