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  1. 1245A Defender

    Oh Well! Too Late for advice now,,, My B-day toast...

    Sooo... another year,, I'm 67 now, drinking Tequila that was a gift from my friend John. I'm not happy, but I'm older, a bit wiser and still healing from a fall and broke leg in August. I miss the old guard of forum members, Grapeshot, Peter Nap, SkidMark, Deros72 that is all.....
  2. 1245A Defender

    State to State of Personal Firearms Shipment

    simplest and cheapest easiest, just drive your car 414 mi. 6 1/2 hours to where your guns are.. put your guns in your car and drive home!
  3. 1245A Defender

    Oh my goodness!!! Is that you? I forgot your real name,,, But once you were,, Sylvia...

    Oh my goodness!!! Is that you? I forgot your real name,,, But once you were,, Sylvia Plath?? Ive missed you and wondered from time to time how things might be working out for you. please let me know....
  4. 1245A Defender

    15 December, Bill of Rights Day

    Thanks Doug,,, didnt know that, pretty good info. I'll sip a scotch tonight in honor of The Bill of RIGHTS!
  5. 1245A Defender

    The forum is now running on XenForo

    I am most grateful. BTW, I knew I could poke the name to get info and do other neat stuff. but its nice to see at a glance what kind of poster i might be reading.
  6. 1245A Defender

    The forum is now running on XenForo

    it would be nice if the avitar also showed date joined # of posts location as it used to.
  7. 1245A Defender

    Jim Beal (DEROS72) has passed away

    Very sad news. He did much for all of us. His long efforts to, Preserve, Protect and Defend our Second Amendment right, and our United States and Washington State Constitution. He was too young. He was my friend. He will be missed. Will their be a memorial service?
  8. 1245A Defender

    Oh Well! Too Late for advice now,,, My B-day toast...

    Well, Here I go again. My b-day, another dram of scotch,, Im 66! Ordered some 45 and 38 super as my gift.
  9. 1245A Defender

    The forum is now running on XenForo

    I guess quote is on auto,, no button but reply quoted you for me. we always hate the way things are, then we hate when things change, you will get this thing running smooth again, thank you for the upgrade, I will hate it until I get used to it,,, just like last time!
  10. 1245A Defender

    The forum is now running on XenForo

    I am not a quote button,, or a edit button..
  11. 1245A Defender

    Carrying at Applebees

    Wowwie!!! I am sooo pleased to meet this new member. Seems that I have knowned you for years. Welcome! Doug_Nightmare New member Today at 12:16 PM New #6 Traveling armed to Chicagoland, stopped at Applebees against my better judgement. THAT won’t happen again. Skepticism is the chastity of...
  12. 1245A Defender

    System Down?

    seems no posts since 9 pm edt 9/16. is this thing on now?
  13. 1245A Defender

    Concealed Carriers Gun Crime Rates?

    This from a post on the "Pilots of America" forum in response to the accepted view that Legal Concealed carriers are the most law abiding demographic of folks. tawoodCleared for Takeoff Joined:Sep 22, 2015Messages:1,484Display Name:Display name: Tim New Sorry, but I have to disagree with...
  14. 1245A Defender

    Washington State Lobby Day!!

    I recently became aware that the Whatcom County contingent of OCDO is a clearing house for Washington State News and events... I didnt know that,,, I thought they only publicized local get togethers.. Who knew,, I feed dumb. Ill get over it.... They have a facebook page,, bookmark it and...
  15. 1245A Defender

    Good Shoot in Seattle

    Self defense shooting in Seattle Oct 8, 2016 http://www.soundpolitics.com/archives/007046.html
  16. 1245A Defender

    Help My Spelling NAZI attempt..

    Watching the news,, the Turkey Overthough attempt, Im seeing this.... that "Turkey's Capital" ...instead of... that "Turkeys' Capital" ... makes a difference..... So tell me, you most learned readers am I betterer at spellinging than my Foxex and Freinds:lol: Really, O Roeilly(sp)..... do...
  17. 1245A Defender


    Recent award winner has trouble with his laser... http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=da7_1460570818
  18. 1245A Defender

    Gun Law News

    Just found this in an Aviation forum Tom Gresham Post subject: Re: Hunters, Guns, Etc. - Master Thread Posted: March 25th, 2016, 12:42 pm Joined: 12/09/07 Posts: 10750 Post Likes: +1925 Location: Covington, LA (KHDC) Aircraft: 1975 Bonanza A36TN This...
  19. 1245A Defender

    D.C. Ruling!

    See this fazebook post by Emily Miller Yes! Emily Miller16 hrs · RULING ON DC GUN LAWS -- Appeals court upholds Heller 2 ruling that certain parts of the registration requirement to own a gun for home defense are not allowed.... See More Share
  20. 1245A Defender

    Oooops,,, I got some Complacency..

    Sooo, I had decided that today I would go into town at about 4 pm. At about 3 pm I started getting ready for that big event. I got my comb and hankie, my knife, my ear ring on, my finger ring on, my watch on. Then I put my wallet in my pocket. I put on my belt and my holster, oh and shoes. Also...