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    This is why distance is your friend

    The trouble with people with mental problems it is really hard to predict what they well do.
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    This is why distance is your friend

    Well i guess he could have stood his ground and got run over and stabbed. The adrenaline runs very high after a situation like this. Only in the movies and with psychopaths do people not show emotions after life and death encounters.
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    Man Uses “Shower Gun” After Burglar Breaks In While He’s in the Shower

    Doesn't sound like a dedicated shower/bathroom gun but was in his gym bag. Some people have guns that live in the bath/shower room. Stainless ones work the best IMHO.
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    "Citizens" and government

    I was old enough to be a grandfather and was retired in 2012 and plenty old enough to die and the voted at age of 18.
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    open carry report

    Been out and about several times since then no problems.
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    When Can You Threaten Deadly Force as a Defensive Tactic? Eugene Volokh

    Threating deadly force and defensive display seems to be two different things. The merely having a firearm or having one and threating some one with it seems to be different. Defensive display where legal is tool that can end a situation before it can become worst. Either situation can...
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    open carry report

    June 22 finely had some decent open carry weather when I have been around. Seemed like when ever I was afforded the opportunely to go to town the last couple of months the weather has been cold or wet or a combination of both requiring outer wear of some type. I was carrying my SR1911 in...
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    Mayor Jenny Durkan Bans Guns Under Emergency Order

    If people want to use their firearms in a violent manner. A order by the mayor will have no effect what so ever.
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    Trump Forced to Withdraw His ATF Nomination

    Unlike a king or dictator a president of the USA has limited powers.
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    Be the first to call the cops.

    No they were not a popular police weapon because for the caliber they are to heavy bulky for the caliber and the caliber has poor performance for what one might need in a patrol rifle.
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    SCOTUS distributes 10 Second Amendment Cases for 5/1/2020 Conference

    We should know Monday morning whether there is a new grant. And invariably, the local governments will try to moot the cases. Again. [my emphasis] Yes that was been an problem in the past and the court has just gave them a big go ahead to use mootness in the future. Screw gun owners over for...
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    Supreme court punts New york case

    And how many more years is it going to take to work it way through the courts again. Denial of rights by process happens way to often in 2nd amendment cases.
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    Supreme court punts New york case

    https://www.thetruthaboutguns.com/breaking-supreme-court-punts-on-gun-rights-declares-new-york-state-rifle-pistol-case-moot/ In an effort to avoid an almost sure adverse ruling by the Supreme Court in New York Rifle & Pistol Association v. City of New York, the city changed the underlying law...
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    one distributor is closing down & another out of 9mm

    I have found that there are a lot of perfect people on the internet not so many in real life.
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    one distributor is closing down & another out of 9mm

    Brain, eye, finger, key board If I was perfect I wouldn't be here
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    one distributor is closing down & another out of 9mm

    5 rounds Your MIL could not through or throw
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    one distributor is closing down & another out of 9mm

    I was raised by parents that grew up during depression we were taught to be prepared . My Dad told the story of being able to only buy 5 30-30's during the war. I told myself that wouldn't happen to me.
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    Glock 48

    New firearms are fun glad you like it