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    National Reciprocity

    The Dems want solar panels in the coronavirus Bill. Why don't the Republicans insist on National Reciprocity in the Bill?
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    Is it me, or are Rob Rosenstein and Adolph Eichmann brothers?
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    Republican v. Democrat

    A Republican believes that if it does not harm people then you should be able to use your own money to obtain whatever you want. A Democrat believes that if it does not harm people, pets, the air, the soil, elephants, elephant seals, plants, African lions, Indian Bengal tigers, the water...
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    Open carry question

    Going to be visiting vegas in a few weeks and wanted to know if the hotels on the strip allow open carry for their guest while they ingress and egress the hotel. I am not interested in carry in their casinos or on their property other than to enter or exit my room.