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  1. teddyearp

    A Funny

    Folks, I ran across this video tonight and it is pretty hilarious. I apologize if this is the wrong section to post this to. Won't cross post it . . . https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QRhzJl8-gzg
  2. teddyearp

    Massive spam.

    Wow, this is bad. Spam bots all over this morning.
  3. teddyearp

    Finally a good video re: police encounter with OCer's

    I don't know where this was taken so it may be moved to the proper regional section, but with all the police bashing threads, I figured this would be a good balance: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q1G1IscWi58 Don't know how old it is or whether it has been posted here yet, but thought it was a...
  4. teddyearp

    OC with an empty holster?

    After reading all the latest changes over the last decade+ in the laws in Cali since I left in '95, it looks like this might be the only way to make a statement. Or is it? I don't post this to troll, just as an honest question. I was born and raised in Cali and had many of my firearms taken...
  5. teddyearp

    Open Carry customs in Idaho

    imported post OK a tiny preface. I am a Cali native, left there in 1996 after a few 'educational' lessons about open carry and handguns and firearms possessions by one who wants to try to remian a law abiding citizen, expecailly one who has already been violated by those who do not want to...