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  1. BB62

    VA-ALERT: VCDL is organizing NOW to fight back - we need YOU to do your part!

    Because of intense interest in Lobby Day and an expected rally on the Capitol grounds, I expect that parking is going to be at a premium on January 20th. On thought is to take public transit (while armed) to the site of the rally - but of course the Greater Richmond Transit Authority is...
  2. BB62

    how to fix walmart

    One word: paragraphs.
  3. BB62


    That incident took place before WM's new "we request that you don't OC" policy. In addition, the man in question signed the trespass notice, thereby trespassing himself. Finally, and as at least one other person has said/indicated, he wasn't merely shopping, but rather performing for his...
  4. BB62

    Who is Open Carrying in Mississippi in 2019?

    Welcome to OCDO, Mr/Ms HLB ! Although OCDO is the premier forum for discussing matters in depth, you may also want to look on Fascistbook for social outreach/contacts.
  5. BB62

    Kentucky we need to hammer Mitch

    So, in other words, you believe it's better that multiple people expend time looking up something that you could have easily provided them with - costing everyone else time by saving only yours? How thoughtful! :rolleyes:
  6. BB62

    Meijer Joins Walmart, Kroger, Walgreens in Banning Open Carry

    There is no BAN on open carry at those establishments, only requests that customers not do so.
  7. BB62

    Walmart requesting no one open carry in stores

    I think that's going to be the key for all of the places that have made "requests" - what the guidelines are for management to handle OCers. So the most recent requests have been made by Walmart, Kroger, Meijer, Wegmans, Aldi, CVS, & Walgreens. I think that's everybody.
  8. BB62

    Walmart requesting no one open carry in stores

    "David Amad, a gun rights activist and the vice president of Open Carry Texas, is not especially bothered by Walmart’s recent announcement that it is “respectfully requesting” that customers not openly carry guns into its stores. Mr. Amad said many of his group’s 38,000 members had carried...
  9. BB62

    Richmond Redevelopment and Housing Authority

    Nice work!!
  10. BB62

    Nicholasville Preemption Violations

    You are a great man, and a treasure for KY! :):)
  11. BB62

    OC in a police station?

    "Yeah, I'm one of 'them' people who know the law, and am disgusted that you hide behind your uniform to lie about it."
  12. BB62

    ohio renaissance festival

    Now you're just throwing things out to see what sticks. I know for a fact that Cincinnati and Columbus have written policies (and have had for years) that make it clear that OC is legal, and is not grounds *by itself* for inducing panic or disorderly conduct charges. I've OCed in each of those...
  13. BB62

    ohio renaissance festival

    Okay, so you tar all of Ohio's police agencies ("The cops just don't know it.") because of one city? OMG. Well, since for whatever reason you seemed to be opposed to taking steps to hold them to account, *I* will do so - unless Color of Law beats me to it. :) P.S. - my apologies for taking...
  14. BB62

    FL man killed under ‘stand your ground’ provisions over handicapped parking space.

    I think both parties got what was (eventually) coming to each of them. I don't shed a tear for either party, but rather for the opportunity for stereotyping it gives to those opposed to guns & gun rights.
  15. BB62

    It's Benn Awhile...

    Pennsylvania certainly has its gun rights challenges, however, and I've seen OC be a part of those. I believe there is Facebook group named "Open Carry Pennsylvania" that I think is part of the "resistance" to such things. Plus, as Pittsburgh has proven, PA's preemption law needs teeth. While...
  16. BB62

    ohio renaissance festival

    Feel free to point out specific cities where you think/know this is the case. I'm sure we can find an Ohioan to address the matter. On the other hand, in general there is no charge for open records requests, should you have the information sent to you electronically.
  17. BB62

    ohio renaissance festival

    Please let us know of your experience there, should you attempt to OC.
  18. BB62

    Nicholasville Preemption Violations

    Gutshot II needs to work on his unsafe trigger contact!! ;)
  19. BB62

    Any interest in an open carry event in St. Louis?

    I spotted this article today on Fascistbook: https://www.stltoday.com/news/local/moms-rally-at-arch-pushes-for-gun-reform-in-wake/article_180a661c-360c-52a7-a064-c09689717ace.html 'Moms' rally at Arch pushes for gun reform in wake of shootings "Parents and their children, joined by members of...