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  1. K

    Small barrel rifle

    Sorry not an open carry question but I'm sure someone one here knows I've been trying to find out if I need a tax stamp if I want to get a micro roni system for my Glock 21 thinking I would like it as a truck gun.I had a friend in Texas who bought one for his .9mm off of a site and just met the...
  2. K

    legal in o.k.

    just saw on one of my other forums that oklahoma's o.c. just passed. good for them lets hope we are next.
  3. K

    reapplying for c.c.l

    My c.c.l will be expiering soon,my question is do i have to go through the whole process again or just send in the fee for the new one? thanks
  4. K

    being scammed !!!!!!

    bought a g27 gen4 at a local gun shop, the guy had his back to me when he opend the brand new shipment box. then he turned with the box for the 27 open but it only had 2 mags. in it i asked him where the 3rd. one was and he told me only three come for leos. is this guy full of it or not. every...
  5. K

    don't know what to do!

    I was in a very bad relationship 12 years ago,got out of it then had an altercation after moving out. a verbal one. no touching just arguing about what stuff was who's. anyway she called the leo's and i was charged with domestic violence. went to court and after going to a class the judge with...
  6. K

    Ccw options

    I know this is a open carry forum, but being we don't have the option yet, was just woundering what you guys and gals are carrying out there in the sunshine state?
  7. K

    what to ccw?

    I know this is a open carry forum but being we don't have the option" YET." just wondering what some of you guys and gals are c.c ing out there in the sunshine state?
  8. K

    ccw badge

    just a thought, with all the problems i read about with ocer's being harassed by leos in other states im going out on a limb to say when not if we get to o.c. in fla. would having a ccw badge be a bad thing or to much like impersonating a leo? i think the only way you can get one is to have a...
  9. K

    one step closer

    Well fellow o.c.' rs we did our part lets see if Rick Scott does his. I can almost see the light at the end of the tunnel.
  10. K

    open carry for archery season

    does anyone know if you can open carry during archery season? i was stoped by a game warden the second day of the season. he told me i can"t open carry so i told him about 790.0 he called another leo and the leo said i could o.c. as long as i had a c.c. permit o.k. i have that no problem. the...
  11. K

    Moving to TN. from FLA. question about TN. cc

    maybe someone can answer my question before my move.I will be moving from florida to tenn. do i have to go through the whole fingerprint background check . someone i know in tenn.said they just transfered their fla licence. is that true. i sure would hate to wait three months. thanks for any...
  12. K

    open carry going scouting in fla.

    does anybody know if it is leagel to open carry in the state of florida going scouting on public land. i know you can open carry going hunting or fishing but i just don't know about scouting. thank you koja 1962