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  1. slapmonkay

    2019 HB325 Fix to preemption/Missoula

    HB325 text can be found here: http://leg.mt.gov/bills/2019/billpdf/HB0325.pdf A note from Montana Shooting Sports Association regarding the bill and overall plan.
  2. slapmonkay

    Mountain Line Transit - Firearm Prohibition

    I have never rode on a Mountain Line Transit bus but while I was at the Parade of Lights the other night in Missoula I noticed at the door on the bus it lists Firearms as a prohibited item on the bus. I went to their website and noticed it listed under prohibited items on the website as well. I...
  3. slapmonkay

    Alert: MDA pushing Missoula to enact universal background checks

    In violation of MCA, Mom's Demand Action (MDA) is pushing Missoula city counsel to enact a universal background checks measure. They have councilman Bryan Von Lossberg who is bringing forward the measure to the council for adoption. It looks like Montana Shooting Sports Association (MSSA) is...
  4. slapmonkay

    Wenatchee OC Campout May 13, 14, 15 2016

    Start reserving [link to reservations site] for the 3 day weekend, spots are filling up fast. slapmonkay - spot 48 MSG Laigaie - spot 50 gogodawgs - spot 51 Jeff Hayes - spot 52 golddigger14s - spot 53 Squeak - spot 54 Here is the map layout so far...
  5. slapmonkay

    Montana Gun Laws

    Current as of Jan 2019 I found this format from another state forum and liked the summary of information. I decided to copy it and adjust it to Montana laws. I'll expand it as time allows. All information contained in this post and all linked documents are to be used ONLY as a starting point...
  6. slapmonkay

    Gerlach Verdict - Not Guilty - Spokane

  7. slapmonkay

    Treasure State Arms Open Carry BBQ 7/26/14

    Cross posted from a MT site. https://www.facebook.com/events/1412908702305279/ Fellow Montana gun enthusiasts, it's about time for the 3rd annual Treasure State Arms open carry BBQ! Mark your calendars for Saturday, July 26th 2014. 2:00 PM at Bozeman Pond in Bozeman, MT. The Open Carry BBQ...
  8. slapmonkay

    In Town, coffee at Lyons Den. Saturday 10am.

    The wife, kid and I are in town so we will be stopping by the Lyons Den in Bothell at 10am on this Saturday 1/25. Anyone is welcome to stop by and say hi. Sent from my Nexus 4 using Tapatalk
  9. slapmonkay

    Edmonds police shoot individual carrying rifle

    Don't know any circumstances around it yet. http://q13fox.com/2013/09/07/edmonds-police-shoot-man-carrying-rifle/
  10. slapmonkay

    FWP - National Bison Range - No Firearm Signs

    I visited the National Bison Range, a division of the National Wildlife Refuge System, yesterday OC. The whole place was scattered with No Firearm signs, including a dedicated large font sign at the entrance of the refuge. Pursuant to the Credit Card Act of 2009 Section 512, I have contacted the...
  11. slapmonkay

    Post office parking lot carry - Federal Judge ruling

    http://www.denverpost.com/breakingnews/ci_23634504/federal-judge-post-office-violated-mans-rights-by#ixzz2YgUC9FoS ---------------------------------- A federal judge has ruled that a U.S. Postal Service regulation barring firearms in its parking lots violates the Second Amendment in a case...
  12. slapmonkay

    Vancouver OC Arrest

    Interview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eN3ehYJ3NMA Off Topic, yes maybe, something to keep an eye on for sure.
  13. slapmonkay

    Its happened. Time to make knife free zones! - Stabbing spree Texas college

    http://usnews.nbcnews.com/_news/2013/04/09/17673057-at-least-14-hurt-in-stabbing-spree-on-texas-campus-suspect-believed-to-be-student?lite http://www.foxnews.com/us/2013/04/09/at-least-5-reportedly-stabbed-on-lone-star-college-campus/
  14. slapmonkay

    Gunman shooting in Tacoma

    http://www.komonews.com/news/local/Deputies-Gunman-on-the-loose-in-Tacoma-neighborhood-200137831.html http://www.king5.com/news/cities/tacoma/Gunman-reportedly-firing-shots-in-Tacoma-neighborhood-200138701.html...
  15. slapmonkay

    HB 358 - Some what fixes state preemption

    http://data.opi.mt.gov/bills/2013/billhtml/HB0358.htm Let your House member know how you stand.
  16. slapmonkay

    LC1783 - Prohibit state enforcement of any federal ban on semi-auto firearms/magazine

    Looks like law makers are preparing for the scenario in which a federal level ban on magazine and or firearms is passed by drafting a bill that would prohibit enforcement within the state. In the case that a federal law is passed, and the local state bill is passed, it would likely setup a...
  17. slapmonkay

    Blood tests protected under 4th Amendment says Supreme Court

  18. slapmonkay

    Obama likely to take executive action on gun control...

    Obama will continue his dictatorial regime by taking "executive action" instead of presenting legislation for a vote... Who didn't see that coming? http://thehill.com/homenews/administration/276313-biden-obama-prepared-to-take-executive-action-on-gun-control
  19. slapmonkay

    MT OC Report

    This is a thread where people whom live in MT or travelers through MT can post there daily open carry related experiences for all to see.
  20. slapmonkay

    Last Chance: slapmonkay moving to MT. Coffee - Kirkland - 12/16 @ 10AM

    This will be my last coffee in WA for a while as I am leaving for MT on 12/21. If your in the area and think coffee is for you or your one of those that I did not see at the last East Sound Meet, The last South Sound Meet or the last Bellingham Meet... stop on by. Location: Starbucks in...