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  1. HearseGuy

    O/T Mailing Ammo

    Hey guys and gals I know this is a bit off topic but I couldn't find the info I needed anywhere and I figured you guys could help. My uncle in MD can't find a certain caliber ammo and I want to send him a box of 50. Looks like I can't ship it USPS and ups is very vague. Can I throw it in a box...
  2. HearseGuy

    Important new open carry info!

    So sunday i was at my LGS and a local LEO stopped to browse and make small talk. A friendly debate ensued, as I like to think I'm pretty d@*n sharp when it comes to firearms laws in VA, but here are a few things this LEO told me. No open carry in a vehicle. If you have your sidearm holstered on...
  3. HearseGuy

    Question: Buying firearm in to (to oc)

    I have a question about purchasing a firearm from a dealer. Specifically a gun show. My buddy is looking to purchase a firearm tomorrow. He will be OCing with it. My question is the secondary form of ID. The VSP site says a passport is an acceptable secondary ID. It then says the second ID must...
  4. HearseGuy

    How do you justify OC?

    Hey guys! I was curious since i have been asked to justify why i choose to OC vs CC, why you guys OC instead of CC. i have a good buddy that is CC only. I asked why and he said the same thing I always hear. The famed "element of surprise". Then he said another thing that I really hate to hear...
  5. HearseGuy

    Fantastic speech on gun control

  6. HearseGuy

    More VA Business' offering gun owner discount!

    I know i was, and I'm sure many of you guys were too, hoping that more area business' would follow Jay Laze of All Around Pizza's example, and offer discounts to law abiding citizens. Well at least 3 others are! Moms Kitchen on Holland rd near All round Pizza being one of them! Also i heard it...
  7. HearseGuy

    Im thinking...Glock 19?

    Well i have almost decided on a Glock 19. I got to handle one recently and dug it. This will be the first handgun that i will be using and practicing alot with, as well as being my open carry weapon. (Had handguns before, but in Maryland. Thats all ill say :) ) I am wondering tho, what's the...
  8. HearseGuy

    SGK Hampton this weekend.

    Hey guys! Any one gonna be attending the SGK gun show in hampton? Im pretty certain im gonna try and make one of the days. Im excited i have never been to a Virginia gun show, so i dont really know what to expect. I am absolutely not going to be making any purchases, but id love to handle as...
  9. HearseGuy

    Hello From VA

    Hi guys! I didn't see a specified area for introductions, but i figured since i live in the great state of Virginia I'd pop in and say hello!! I have been contemplating starting to OC lately and this site has been an invaluable resource for many questions i had. I sold most of my firearms...